Wholesale Marble Tiles at Affordable Prices in Miami

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The inclusion of Wholesale Marble Tiles at Affordable Prices in Miamimarble in residential or commercial construction makes all the difference when it comes to value, appeal, and property sales. Marble tiles are preferred as a surface material because of the extremely beautiful look they give to a living room, kitchen, bath, or bedroom. The problem with marble is its price, even when ordered wholesale.

Bulk shipments ordered by direct importers are the best way to obtain the highest quality marble at the lowest possible price. Commercial clients needing large quantities of this natural stone product will find exactly the right style, color, and size when they choose to do business with Stonexchange. We are a Miami-based company serving retail outlets, independent installers, and flooring companies.

From Quarry to Customer
Some of the most productive marble quarries are located far, far away. Marble is a composite rock that is formed when high heat and pressure combine to produce a stone that is both igneous and metamorphic in nature. The geologic formations in the southern part of Europe, Turkey, and other locations in and around the Mediterranean Sea are prized for the beautiful marble found there.

Marble is cut into thick slabs which are then sliced into thin sheets. This process is carried out at manufacturing sites located at or near the quarry. The slabs are graded according to color and patterning. The tiles are cut from the thin sheets, packed into large containers, and shipped to the coast where the crates are placed on a transatlantic vessel.

Once they arrive at their destination, the import company stores the marble in a large warehouse facility. The most popular styles are readily available to commercial customers, and the wholesale price is quite appealing. Stonexchange has a direct partnership with overseas manufacturing operations, and we acquire some of the most sought-after color patterns at a remarkably low cost.

We sell our marble tiles directly to commercial clients. Our company does not sell our natural stone products to the public. Instead, we focus on those entities needed large amounts of tile, window sills, floor saddles, and pavers. Our bulk shipments are very affordable because we save a tremendous amount of money on freight charges. In turn, we pass this savings on to our customers.

In most cases, the desired product is matched to one of our colors simply by having the customer specify the actual shade. The floor tile industry uses a set of generic descriptions to identify the type of marble required for the job. Our team of marketing experts has thoroughly examined the sales trends for all types of natural stone products, and we maintain a large inventory of the most commonly requested styles and color shades.

Ordering and Delivery
Full-crate loads of marble tiles are in great demand in and around the Miami area. This type of flooring product has always been popular with homeowners and business property developers in this part of the country. Stonexchange has a very large warehouse facility and works with local freight companies to ensure prompt delivery on bulk orders of marble tile.

Our products are inventoried as full crates with rather large piece counts. The minimum order varies according to the style and size of the tiles. These delivery crates are carefully inspected before being loaded onto a delivery van.

Clients in Miami-Dade County and elsewhere in South Florida can expect immediate processing and delivery on tiles kept in inventory at our distribution center. Our company has an easy-to-understand order form located on our contact page. Our sales staff will generate an immediate quote that includes a probable delivery time.

We will assist the customer in selecting an exact shade of marble. Our tiles come in a wide variety of colors including Crema, Carrara, French, and Rosy. Customers in the local area are invited to visit our Miami facility and look over our inventory.

Breakage is kept to a minimum. Marble tiles are packed tightly together in boxes or on pallets. The compactness of the crates prevents shifting of material during delivery. In general, a two or three percent damage count can be expected by the customer. This is far below the average amount of damage experienced by customers ordering from many competing distributors.

Delivery to Any Address. Stonexchange delivers marble tiles to locations throughout South Florida. Many of our customers are independent tile setters who work on multiple jobs simultaneously, and these installers have their own storage facilities to ensure a reliable supply of tile. We also deliver direct to home improvement centers, retail flooring product outlets, and even to construction sites.

Remember These Important Details
Large orders benefit the customer because a greater number of placement patterns are available. In many cases, the end-user has already specified a preferred look to his or her floor. He or she may have a sample photo and wishes to use the same style. This is why ordering in bulk at wholesale prices saves the client money.

So long as there are multiple floors to be covered by the same color shade of marble, full-crate delivery is the most affordable method for installers. Retail outlets that sell direct to installers often have difficulty filling a large order for their client. They may have to reorder tile at several different phases of construction, and this can be costly if the orders are quite small.

Stonexchange has a large number of recurring order clients. We can assure our commercial customers of the same style, color, and patterning on subsequent orders. This is because we own or partner with individual manufacturers producing a consistent supply of marble from the same geologic formation. Our customers have come to rely on us for the exact color shade and style, even if the orders are placed months apart.

Our inventory may not include special sizes or non-standard tile shapes. This does not prevent us from delivering custom orders, however. Our manufacturing facilities produce non-standard size tiles upon request. Customers can expect a lead time of two or three months but are not charged extra for these custom orders.

When the construction season picks up in the spring, customers will find that their orders are filled just as quickly. This is because we ramp up our inventory during the busy construction season. If a customer requests a color tile that is unusual or is a shade that does not match our inventory, we will locate it or have it manufactured.

Benefits of Using Marble Tiles
Marble is a very durable stone. When properly polished, it resists fading, scuffing, and scratching. It also acts as a natural air conditioning system, helping to keep building interiors cool in the summer.

Marble increases the value of a property. Quite often, consumers decide to install marble because they learn of the higher appraisal values given the property. Marble tiles are not as expensive as many are led to believe, especially if ordered in bulk. It certainly helps out an independent installer trying to give a favorable price quote if the product itself can be purchased wholesale from a local importer.

Marble tiles act as a primary or secondary room accent. When the color and style is carefully chosen, the room can be redecorated in numerous ways that are satisfying to the consumer. Light shades of marble such as White Carrara go well with both medium and dark shades of furnishings. Crema shades stand out well against medium or dark wood furniture and perfectly complement lighter wall colors.

Marble requires little or no maintenance. An occasional polishing is just about all the consumer need give a marble floor or countertop. The stone does not readily absorb moisture, meaning that the color never fades. Marble floors, walls, and countertops will outlast the rest of the home or business property.

Get In On the Savings
Wholesale can be a tricky word to understand. In some cases, wholesale products save the customer no money at all. This is because there is no retail option available. On the other hand, wholesale prices on marble tiles are significantly lower than what one expects to pay at a retail outlet.

Therefore, retailers can offer consumers lower prices if the material is purchased from a direct importer and distributor. Stonexchange invites dealers and merchants to check out how much can be saved by ordering full-crate marble tile. Remember to ask us about color matching, sizing, and delivery schedules. For the finest quality marble tiles at truly wholesale prices, Stonexchange is the name to remember in Miami and all of South Florida.