When is the Right Time to Buy New Marble Tile for My Home?

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When Is the Right Time to Buy New Marble for My New Home?So, when is the right time to buy new marble tile for your new home? Now of course!

First of all, if you just bought a home, you have already mentally and financially prepared to spend an exceptional amount of money. Unless you are paying with cash, your bank has already approved your loan and depending on how much you have taken out, you most likely are eligible to be approved for a personal loan to purchase your marble tile if needed.

Buy Now While Your Credit Score is the Highest

If you do plan to take out a personal loan to buy your marble tile, it should be noted that when taking out a mortgage to buy a home, a personal credit check is usually conducted. As a result, your credit score is mildly affected each time a company runs a credit background check on you. So while your score is at it’s best, it might be beneficial to apply for an additional loan to invest in the upgrade of your new home

Before Moving Into Your New Home

In addition to buying marble tile while your credit is at a high score, buying new marble before moving your furniture into your new home will make the installation process easier for you and the installer. Except for any large appliances that may have come with your new home, the house is essentially a clean slate to pull up any existing flooring while implementing a smooth installation without the hassle of rearranging furniture.

When You Can Afford It

No one knows and understands your financial situation as well as you. It is ultimately up to you to determine how many rooms you can afford to furnish with marble tiling. Although it is usually ideal to decorate your new home with wall-to-wall marble tile, perhaps it may be more cost effective to start with your kitchen and bathroom as these are the areas that may most likely be utilized more. These are also the rooms that have running water and even heat, causing a sufficient amount of evaporation and condensation, a natural reaction that marble can easily withstand.

Renovating Your Home

Perhaps you are planning to upgrade your new home, adding an additional bathroom, office, garage, etc. at a future date for whatever reason. This is also a perfect time to consider enhancing your home with beautiful marble flooring. Waiting a few months or years to renovate your home also has its advantages. By then, you will have lived in your home long enough to get a better feel of the type of ambiance that best suits you and the style of your home.

Also, in the unfortunate event of an incident that causes you to re-build the interior of your home, consider using this opportunity to upgrade the flooring of your home with marble tiling.

Selling or Flipping a House

If you are buying a home with the intentions of flipping it to gain a quick profit, investing in marble flooring will almost guarantee a quick return on investment as most homebuyers almost always want to buy a home that is in turn-key condition. Decorating your new home with marble tiles will also increase the value of the home, allowing you as the seller to price your home at a high market value ensuring high profits. If flipping your new home for a profit is your intention, it is recommended to choose a neutral color that will be appealing to any homebuyer as bold patterns may repel potential buyers.

Even if you have lived in your home for a good number of years and never made it around to upgrading your floors with marble tiles, preparing your home to re-enter the housing market is also a great time to install marble flooring, especially if you are in a hurry to sell your home and don’t have the time or the money to pay mortgage on a piece of property that you may not even be living in!

Purchasing a Home to Rent

Many investors are in the business of buying a home solely for investment purposes. In which case, the finishings may not always be top-grade quality—particularly, the floor, especially for landlords who are new to the business. It is a classic rookie mistake that can be corrected. At a minimum, tenants usually reside in their residence from anywhere from 3 months on up. That’s a big turn-around time to clean the home and present it like new to another potential renter who may stay longer.

People are different and so are their living habits. Some may have children or pets that inevitably causes wear and tear on the floors. It is not guaranteed that each tenant will take great care of the furnishings of your home either. After all, they don’t own the property, you do!

Installing durable marble tile into your new home will not only save you money as a renter, but also helps give potential tenants the feeling that they are the first people to live in your home!

Buying a Vacation Home

Whether you are buying a vacation home in warm, sunny Florida or in a 4-season climate, furnishing your floors with beautifully treated marble floors is typically favored over carpeting. Depending on how often you travel, it can be assumed that your new vacation home will be closed up for most of the year with no fresh air circulating within. This is not always ideal for carpet flooring as it generally serves as a magnet for dust particles that can accumulate over time, possibly bringing about a stale odor.

With marble tile flooring, there would be nothing to suck in the dust particles because this material is easily cleaned with a simple sweep of a damp cloth or mop.

At the End of the Year

There is usually a buy-out, clearance events, and year-end sales where most companies are trying to clear out their inventory and make room for the new or more popular products that they sell. It might be smart to start shopping for deals as the year ends.

It’s Time to Start Shopping for Marble Tile Now!

If you choose to buy new marble flooring now or later, it will be the smartest decision you will make for your new home. With proper cleaning and maintenance, its durability may even outlast the home! If you are ready to make a great investment by possibly adding value to your home, call Nalboor Tiles at 305-501-4548. Our staff is available to help you select the right marble tile, Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm or contact us online.