Protecting Your Marble Floor From Heavy Furniture

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Full Body-Marmo-Glass-Pure-White-Tile-Floor2Marble flooring has the reputation of beauty, elegance, luxury, and long lasting durability. So does the diamond, a substance that’s said to be the hardest mineral on earth. Yet, somehow we are able to cut and shape it. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that even in all its permanence and good looks, it can still get gashed and nicked with enough force over time. This may be a surprise to some, as the concept of marble flooring has always been known to have a lasting quality. It does! Yet, even the most precious stones require some sort of maintenance. Even a diamond can lose its luster with improper upkeep. So it is with marble floors.

A common misconception some homeowners might assume is that once they have purchased and installed their marble floors, they don’t have to do much else except run a dust mop across it occasionally. This is partially true but knowing and understanding what marble stone is will help aid in keeping those beautiful floors looking showroom clean!

What is Marble?

Marble is a type of stone that is essentially a sister to limestone. It is a metamorphic rock that undergoes a process of melting from an immense amount of heat from the earth. It is then recrystallized as the viscous substance is pushed from the earth, cooling it into another form of rock with a shiny surface that we have come to know as marble. Marble is basically limestone heated to another level of intense heat. Because of its organic metamorphic process, the different colors that are melted together create a unique pattern giving the illusion of consistent movement.

It is a porous material that is easily susceptible to staining, catching little beads of dirt caught within. This can cause discoloration and matte the finishing shine of the floor. It also makes this stone sensitive to abrasive substances.

Marble is beautiful, but it is also vulnerable. There are ways to prevent spoiling this luxurious material.


Sealing your marble floors will be the best treatment to sustain your exquisite investment. As aforementioned, marble is porous, which means that it can easily absorb certain substances. It might be easier to think of marble like skin.

Like marble, skin is beautiful and unique, and it is also porous. Skin can easily absorb liquid substances—and can even be stained and damaged if exposed to harmful solution. For instance, if sunscreen isn’t applied to skin, it is most likely that the sun will damage it. It is similar with Marble. If the surface is not protected with a proper sealant, it can be stained and even damaged.

A sealant for marble flooring works as a type of coating to fill in those tiny holes. Placing a coating on the floor will allow furniture to slide a little easier across the surface. This also prevents any liquids from seeping into the pores that would eventually discolor and take away that luxurious shine that marble is so well known for.


Placing a type of padding for furniture legs is quick fix. An inexpensive padding solution would be the felt pads. Felt pads are basically stickers designed with an adhesive on one side and approximately 3/16” worth of padding on the other side. These handy little stickers can be purchased in an assortment of colors and sizes. They serve as perfect padding between your furniture and floor as it sticks to wood, laminate, tile, and more. So it’s important to be sure that the sticky side is attached to the furniture, not the floor! It is worth noting that when moving furniture, it is recommended to lift instead of sliding. Even with proper padding, the weight of the furniture can eventually wear away the sealant.

Area Rug

A decorative way to protect your marble floors from furniture is to use area rugs. Some might argue that this defeats the purpose in getting marble floors, that there is no sense in getting them if you have to cover them up with carpet. Yet, there is no rule saying that if you have marble flooring, that you cannot have carpet. Both can be used. The trick is to place area rugs under furniture that’s most utilized. Marble can easily become abrasive over time if the legs to a couch or chair are being scuffed against it just from someone sitting and standing up from it. So while the entire area of a space does not have to be covered, the highly used areas should be.

Keep it Clean

With marble, there’s no more vacuuming but it still requires a good cleaning. Just be sure to clean marble floors with the proper solution, less you destroy your beautiful investment. If the cleaning of marble floors is neglected, dust particles can eventually wear against the surface, even with a sealant. With regular traffic, those little particles will scuff up the marble’s sheen. Tidying these floors with a dust mop on a regular basis will prevent these types of abrasions.  Additionally, it is absolutely crucial to avoid abrasive cleaning solutions that contain any acidic contents, vinegar, bleach, ammonia and any other all-purpose products. Use products that are pH neutral.

Protect Your Investment

There’s no getting around not properly maintaining your floors. Marble flooring has a long life span. It can have an even longer one with proper upkeep.  Remember, marble is a metamorphic rock. It changes based on its environment. If its conditions result in improper cleaning, then the marble will take on a slightly different look over a period of time, just like everything else. The difference is, this material will last long, so it is worth the upkeep.

So since you are already maintaining your floors on a regular basis, why not take the extra step in caring for a product that you know will last? Make a great investment. Buy marble flooring! Call Nalboor Tiles at 305-501-4548. Our staff is available to help you select the right marble tile, Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm or contact us online.