Marble Patio Tile for Miami Homes and Housing Complexes

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Marble Patio Tile for Miami Homes and Housing ComplexesWhen finishing off a property, you’ll eventually have to decide on what to do with the patio area. While you can leave this unfinished for future buyers, you’ll make a better impression if you offer something magnificent. There are several options to consider, and they all have a few pros and cons that you should be aware of. Before you spend time building a deck or choose to have concrete poured, you may want to consider giving the entire area a fresh and enticing look with beautiful marble.

It’s a Better Look

People love concrete because it’s easy to care for, but they don’t always like the look. The fact is that basic concrete is reminiscent of tract housing, and that may not be appropriate for your project. When you’re working on a high-end property, you need to use luxury materials that fit the feel and style throughout the rest of the home. Marble can provide you with the sophisticated look that your buyers crave, and it’s still easy to care for. As with concrete, it can be swept off regularly and cleaned with a water hose. Unlike concrete, it has natural beauty that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Greater Durability is a Selling Point

Wood is popular in all types of homes from entry-level properties for first-time buyers to larger homes. However, it requires constant maintenance. You can keep marble looking great by sealing it every couple of years, but wood needs more attention. If it does start to rot, then you’ve got to tear out damaged pieces, match the stain or paint, and then reseal the entire surface. There’s always the risk of splintering wood as the sun bears down on the material, and the color will fade.

While it’s true that dark marble colors may fade in the sun, this isn’t a concern when you go with lighter shades Bianco Dolomiti or Crema Marfil marble. Other shades that look stunning on any patio include Adalia Cappuccino if you want a brown color and Crema River for delicate shades of beige and light mocha. These colors will all last for many years, and the tiles with withstand the test of time with minimal care.

Smooth Surfaces That Feel Good Underfoot

Wood heats up under the intense heat of the sun and concrete feels harsh on bare feet. However, lightly tumbled marble feels wonderful under your feet, so it’s easier to relax and enjoy the area. There’s no concern about splinters from an aging wood surface, and the flat surface of the tiles is easy to move furniture on. Once the marble is sealed, it’s resistant to staining, so you also won’t have to worry about pets tracking dirt up from the yard or people wearing their shoes on the marble. This stone also does not absorb a great deal of heat, so it will typically remain comfortable underfoot even when the temperature is high.

Light Tumbling for Greater Traction

One concern of responsible homeowners is that the marble surface may be slick. The last thing you want is to create a slippery surface that no one can walk on when it’s still wet from the morning dew. However, this isn’t a concern when you choose a tumbled finish. This gives you the slightly rough texture necessary to improve traction and keep visitors safe. However, the rough finish won’t detract from the beauty of the marble, and homeowners can still give it a nice gloss with the right kind of sealant.

The Concern of Freezing

If you’re in a cold climate, then you’re right to worry about the freezing and thawing cycles. However, natural stones will only crack if they get water inside the surface. This is avoided by having the stones sealed every couple of years. The process of sealing stones is so easy that most homeowners can handle it on their own in a matter of hours.

The base must be properly prepared in order to have it remain steady as the ground freezes and thaws, and the grout should also be sealed to keep it in top condition during any kind of weather. Even if you decide not to use natural stones in open areas that will see a great deal of freezing rain or snow during the winter months, these are still an excellent choice for covered patios and decks where the moisture will be limited by overhangs.

In the Miami area, marble is an incredible choice because there is no concern about freezing temperatures. However, it is still wise to have the marble sealed annually to prevent staining and keep them looking like new.

Bringing the Indoors Outside

The modern trend is to use quality furniture worthy of a living room out on the patio, and you can give the area the perfect finishing touch by using marble as a walking surface. Commonly used throughout home interiors, it gives a luxurious touch to any patio. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who will use high-end patio furniture and textiles to finish off the outdoor living space, and it will make a great impression on potential buyers.

When you have a patio space to finish off, remember that your options extend beyond wood and concrete. While you’ll need to create a stable base for the pavers or tiles, it will be well worth the extra labor to create a sophisticated living space that will impress even the most discerning visitor.

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