Marble Flooring Solutions for Construction Companies

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imagesConstruction companies are focused on providing high-quality work while also reducing their own expenses. You can take control of expenses by working with reputable vendors, finding the best prices on building materials and insisting on premium products. Nalboor Tiles is a wholesale tile company offering great customer service and quality merchandise. If you often work on projects that call for luxurious marble tiles, we have the right colors and options in stock for you. Here are some of the marble products we carry to address all of your building needs and challenges.

Rich Colors for Bold Statements
Some jobs require rich colors that stand out and make their own statement. The Rojo Alicante tile features red and maroon tones with white and brown veining. It can be used across a large area to create darker shades and set a reserved tone. It’s also commonly used as an accent tile. When you build a massive kitchen and want to accent how much counter space is there, use this deep red tile on the backsplash between the wall tiles and the counter. They can be set along the border of a large room that needs to feel cozier, and they’re a great choice for framing bathroom mirrors or a window in the kitchen. They can also be used around the home exterior to bring more attention to special features or highlight certain areas around the patio.

Solid White for Backgrounds
At the other end of the spectrum, we also carry Vanilla Oro marbles for background areas. The marble has a gray tint to the stone, and you may find some light gold and yellow veins moving through the stones. The predominant color in these tiles is white, and the initial impression will be of solid white tiles. However, the delicate veins and slight color variations will show up upon further examination.

This tile is a great choice for traditional uses, including kitchen and bathroom floors. However, it can move beyond these areas. Install it on the floor of a covered front porch for a welcoming entry that stands out. Use it as a highlighting border around the pool deck, or install it in the main work area of an outdoor kitchen. It blends beautifully with any other color marble, or it can be used throughout a bathroom to make the space look larger and more luxurious.

Neutral Shades for Any Use
Adalia cappuccino and Crema River are slightly darker in color, but they’re still neutral choices that work for all areas of the home. The cappuccino finish has the cream, brown and dark colors of its namesake drink, and the Crema River tiles feature a lighter, mocha shading that relies more on beige and light brown. Both of these colors are great for use outdoors as well as inside the home. They’re often used on walls and backsplashes because they work with an incredible range of colors. The warmth of their colors makes them a great choice in any room with wood cabinets, and it can also be used in modern areas to help bring warmth to the room. There is no limit to the options, and that makes it a top stone to have on hand. If you’re ever in doubt about a color choice with cherry cabinets or you need something that will make white cabinets look more luxurious, these colors are an excellent option.

Lighter Shades to Warm a Space
We carry several colors of natural marble and travertine, including Crema Bella and Saturnia Ivory. These marble tiles feature lighter shades that are closer to white, but they have warm undertones that help you set the perfect tone in any room.

Crema Bella tiles are quarried in Burdur, Turkey. They’re also known as Crema Monica, Turkish Botticcino, Burder Beige, and Crema Milk. They feature white to greyish-beige tones that make it more unique than the Vanilla Oro and other options. At first glance, people will notice the lighter colors, but the delicate veining and shading will soon stand out and attract more attention.

Our Saturnia Ivory light travertine tiles also come from Turkey and feature lighter shades. They have a creamy look with minimal fills, and the color ripples across the tile like a river. The color variations have an understated appearance as the light moves across the floor or counter, and that makes them a top choice among buyers.

Either of these tiles will work nicely throughout a custom home. Mixed with darker colors like Adalia Cappuccino and Rojo Alicante, the color variation will show out more. They can be worked into beautiful bold patterns or used alone for a monochromatic look that is attractive and unique. As with the other marble options, they can be used inside the home, in damp areas and around the outdoor living spaces.

Marble Flooring Solutions for Construction CompaniesElegant Shades of White
Two other marble tiles feature lovely white shades that add depth and dimension to any room. Bianco Dolomiti tiles are an extremely high quality ad feature a bright white background. The sleek gray veins run in linear patterns, and that makes these tiles a top choice for modern architecture and contemporary renovations.

Crema Marfil marble has a consistent ivory background with veins gracing the finish. The thin veins include shades of yellow, gold and even bold red to create the slight feeling of movement and ensure that this marble never feels dull or dated. It mixes nicely with other marble colors and even other materials.

Choosing the Right Supplier
As a contractor, you appreciate the importance of working with a dedicated supplier. We maintain a stable inventory, so you can count on us to have tiles in stock for all of your upcoming projects. We offer wholesale pricing to bring your expenses down, and our quality materials ensures that you’ll have fewer problems with breakage or flaws.

We’re committed to providing our customers with great customer service, and our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. In addition to offering luxurious marble tiles in a range of color options, we also offer mosaics, tumbled tiles and the products you need to keep everything looking great. Your clients expect you to use premium materials, and you can count on us to supply you with those products. Contact us today through our online form. You may also call us at (305) 501-4548 to speak to one of our professionals from the most affordable marble wholesaler in Florida!