Marble Floor Décor: Miami’s Favorite Tiles

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Marble Floor Décor: Miami’s Favorite TilesMarble flooring is one of the top choices for Miami homes, and it’s not just for the luxurious style and appearance. This building material has been in use for centuries, and it’s proven that it can withstand the test of time and regular use. It’s ideally suited to warm climates, appropriate for interior and exterior applications, and you can even use this material in wet areas where you need a little more traction. Before you decide on any other flooring or wall cladding, take a closer look at marble to see why it’s chosen by so many home and business owners throughout the greater Miami area and even the Caribbean.

Standing up to Regular Traffic

Marble was used by the Romans, and many of the buildings are still intact today. Forged by nature, this is an incredibly durable material that can handle the heavy traffic patterns of a foyer, patio area or even business. It’s not prone to breaking or chipping, and the color will remain true throughout the years. This is one of the reasons why homeowners commonly install marble on their pool decks, in their living rooms, or as the stepping stones through a garden.

When you choose quality merchandise and have it properly installed, you can be confident that it will last for many years to come. We carry a range of marble tiles in marvelous shades of white, tan, and even red, so it’s easy to create the perfect look while ensuring that you’re ready for the heavier traffic.

Easy to Clean for Sand and Salt

One of the challenges with flooring in Miami is finding a product that’s easy to care for. Even if you don’t live right on the water, you may still spend a fair amount of time enjoying the beach. It’s inevitable that the sand will be tracked into the home, so you want something that’s easy to care for and quick to clean. Carpet is ruled out automatically because of the way that sand and dirt can be trapped in the fibers. Wood floors are an excellent alternative, but they’re easily scratched by sand that’s caught in a shoe. Marble and granite, however, are top choices for materials that are easy to clean. All you need is a broom, dustpan and damp mop to pick up every last grain of sand and leave your floor with a magnificent shine. This is why it’s commonly chosen not only for homes but also for hospitality centers.

Appropriate for Wet Areas

Marble is a porous stone, but there are two ways to overcome this potential problem. If you’re putting the marble on bathroom walls, you can choose a highly polished tile that will shed water nicely. With tumbled tiles that are used for exterior applications, sealing the stone will prevent water and dirt from going down into the pores. Regardless of the finish or installation area, it’s recommended that you seal marble on a regular basis to protect the stone and keep it looking its best. With this information in mind, you may confidently install marble tiles in your bathroom, basement, around the pool deck and any other spot where the stones are prone to moisture.

Ideal for Sunny Areas

The sun beats down on the Miami landscape, and it can leave asphalt hot enough to burn skin. Concrete is a slightly better choice because it doesn’t absorb as much heat, but marble is one of the best choices. Marble is a poor conductor of heat, so it maintains a more stable temperature in almost any kind of weather. This makes it a great choice for outdoor kitchens, patios, sunrooms, and other areas that will be exposed to the hot Miami sun on a regular basis.

Additionally, marble is not prone to fading in the sun. While bold shades of red and green may lose some of their color after several years, the lighter tones found in Bianco Dolomiti, Crema Bella, and Vanilla Oro will continue to look incredible for ages.

The Neutral Yet Luxurious Touch

You want something elegant in your Miami home, but you don’t want to lock yourself into any particular style. With marble, this isn’t a concern. It looks amazing with every décor from traditional to very contemporary. Most of the marble colors will work with any color theme, so you can easily change your décor to suit your mood over the coming years, and you’ll never have to worry about changing the floor. It’s universally recognized as an upscale product, and that gives any home a touch of class that it might be missing otherwise. You can use a little marble to add visual interest to a space, or use it extensively throughout an area to make a more powerful statement.

When you’re ready to make this investment in your Miami home, stretch your finishing budget further by going with the right supplier. You may be buying an elegant and durable product that will take your home to a higher level, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune on the project.

We’re a wholesale company offering services to homeowners, designers, architects, and contractors. We own our quarries and manufacturing centers, and we maintain tight cost and quality control standards through every production level. The end result is a stone that’s durable, attractive, and reasonably priced. We work with well-known shipping companies to provide you with prompt and reliable service, so you won’t have to wait long for your crates or containers to arrive.

Contact Nalboor today to speak with our customer service representatives and place your order. In addition to filling orders from our warehouse in Miami, we also handle special orders if you need custom cuts or unique sizes. We’ll provide you with great service, and you’ll save with our wholesale rates. Place your order today so that you’ll be ready to add beautiful marble to your Miami home when the time comes.