How Purchasing Wholesale Marble Saves You Money

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How Purchasing Wholesale Marble Saves You MoneyBuying marble at a wholesale price is the smart way to go about getting this premium building material. Once upon a time, only the incredibly wealthy had access to marble stone. Traces of this can be seen in the Supreme Court Building, The Colosseum, Taj Mahal, and Versailles. These days, you’ll find marble in newer construction builds for business buildings, residential areas, and even furniture.

             Q.If marble is so expensive, how is it suddenly more accessible?

             A.That is because developers and contractors are discovering the benefits to buying marble at wholesale prices.

Purchasing in Bulk is Cheaper

Buying marble at wholesale prices means that you have to purchase this material in bulk. Purchasing in bulk will be costly, but for someone in the construction business, buying marble on an as-needed basis will be far more expensive. Your bank account may not reflect it at the time of purchase because as a bulk amount of marble is being spent, a bulk amount of money is being deducted from your bank balance.

However, you’ll find over a period of time that a one-time bulk purchase will still reflect the savings in your books, because your marble purchases are not spanning over a period of time throughout the calendar year. If you compare a year where you’ve purchased wholesale marble with a year that you bought on an as-needed basis, your accounting books will eventually reflect that the one-time bulk purchase proved to be the bigger savings. 

Wholesale Marble Reduces Your Budget 
Once you fully understand the financial advantages of buying marble at wholesale prices, you’ll also discover that your annual budget will have decreased. Purchasing your marble tile in bulk will allow for a better projection of cost savings throughout the year. Your company will be able to plan a more accurate and cheaper annual budget for building materials.

Purchasing Wholesale Marble Reduces Shipping Rates

Marble is heavy, and the shipping costs are determined by weight, because the heavier a item is, the more gas it will take to transport it. So when it comes to shipping marble, it could stand to reason the heavier the load, the more the shipping charges will be. This might be another issue that scares purchasers from buying marble at wholesale prices. However, while a large percentage of shipping charges are indeed determined by weight, there are also surcharges that these couriers incorporate into the cost.

Keeping this in mind, while purchasing wholesale marble in bulk will certainly cost a generous amount in shipping charges, breaking these orders up throughout the year may cost even more. This is all contingent on your preferred shipping method, whether you are doing it in-house or outsourcing, you’ll quickly find that shipping rates can be quite volatile based on the price of gas that can fluctuate periodically.

Bulk Purchases Ensure a Full Inventory

When you purchase your marble at wholesale prices, you’ll eventually find yourself with a high volume of inventory. The only issue you might have is arranging a place to store it all! If you’re stocking the right kind of marble, this won’t be a problem because your inventory will be in constant demand.

Selecting the right kind of marble may also be a big concern for buyers. The fear here is that you purchase a bulk amount of marble tile that no one wants and it ends up collecting dust, taking up space, and ultimately losing your company money. The end result may be to reduce your price that cuts into your projected profit margin. This isn’t good!

Where to Find the Right Tile at the Right Price?

Nalboor Tiles, in Miami, Florida offers only the most prominent marble selections that are in high demand in today’s market. What this means for purchasers like yourself is that whatever type of marble tile from Nalboor that you stock your warehouse with will find appeal to the majority of your buyers.

The most coveted tiles seem to be Crema Marfil, Crema Bella, Crema River,

Adalia Cappuccino, and Rojo Alicante. The first three are quite similar in color with their ivory and beige variations, but what makes these decorative minerals individually unique are the veining and geological flaws that affect the overall look, and even the color tone. The solution requires waxing, a practice that requires the filling in of these imperfections to produce a smooth and cohesive slab of marble. The Adalia Cappuccino offers a warmer tone with the primary brown, cream, and beige color variations. Admittedly, the Rojo Alicante isn’t the most traditional choice that appeals to the wide range of buyers, but it certainly has become the most preferred choice for accents.

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Finish Building Projects On Time or Ahead of Schedule

Buying in bulk has is advantages. Availability of materialstends to be a huge benefit. If you promise a job to be completed by a certain date, the best thing you can do is plan accordingly and make sure that there aren’t any issues down the road that might cause a building project to run behind schedule that results in late deliveries. With a full inventory of marble at your disposal, the chances of running out or having late deliveries will reduce. Not only that, you may be able to complete your building projects on time or possibly ahead of schedule. This type of proactive planning will produce customer satisfaction and perhaps some referrals.

Nalboor Tiles: Helping Your Company Save Money

Another great feature that Nalboor Tiles offers are free samples and online ordering. You can easily stock your warehouse with the finest marble tile with just a click. With Nalboor Tiles, you never have to worry about your actual order being different from what you see online. All you have to do is order a free sample of our premium tile to verify that you are getting the best marble in the market.

If you have any questions about Nalboor Tiles marble tile or any other type of natural stone we carry, call us today at 1-305-501-4548 or contact us online and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will answer all of your questions.