Affordable and Unique Marble Flooring Ideas

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Affordable and Unique Marble Flooring IdeasMarble is a luxurious and attractive building material that’s used throughout home improvement projects. Install it on the patio, or add it to your living room. It’s appropriate for floors and walls alike, and it can take any space from simple to magnificent.

You may be worried about the high cost of marble tiles that are available at your local home improvement stores, but there are some very cost-effective ways to add marble to your home.

Before you decide that this beautiful material exceeds the budget for your project, consider a few of these unique and affordable flooring ideas.

Simplify the Color Scheme

One of the best ways to save on marble tiles is to buy them in bulk. As you increase your order amount, you may be able to enjoy falling prices that bring the overall cost down.

The trick is to buy the same size and color to negotiate the lowest rate. While you may be concerned that an ocean of monochromatic tiles will give your room a tired look, you’ll actually give the space an incredible look.

Choose white marble like Bianco Dolomiti to visually expand a space, or make a cavernous area feel more intimate and welcoming by going with the beige color and marvelous veining of Adalia Cappuccino.

In addition to saving money on the products, you’ll also reduce your installation costs. When the contractors don’t have to worry about creating borders or maintaining other specific patterns, they can move through the work more efficiently to help you save money.

Choose the Right Shade

Rather than choosing the color first and then hoping for the best price, choose the stones that naturally carry a lower cost.

Adalia Cappuccino stones cost roughly 40 percent less than stones like Bianco Dolomiti. The dark tan stones still feature an attractive, neutral color that will work with any décor, including modern styles that feature heavy accents in black and other powerful colors. Your new floor will look fantastic, but you’ll save a good deal of money in the process.

If you really want a white look, then go with the Crema Marfil Marble. While it features the light colors that you’re drawn to, it also has a little more veining to add some visual appeal and movement.

The marble stones that feature the purest shades with minimal veining tend to be rarer, so they’ll cost you a little more at the point of purchase. You may decide that it’s worth the added cost to have what you really desire, or you may choose to save a little cash by going with a different color choice.

Subway Tiles

When you’re ready to leave the monochromatic look behind, consider going with subway tiles in three or four different shades. Once you choose your color scheme, start considering the pattern options.

While it’s easiest to lay the tiles in neat rows for a clean pattern, you may want to step it up a notch by going with a herringbone pattern. This zig-zag pattern will make a small area more interesting, and it can also make a large space feel cozier.

It has a modern feel that is appropriate for use in any contemporary home, but you won’t spend a fortune on the installation because this is relatively straight-forward pattern that most installers can easily handle.


One of the great benefits of this pattern is that you can use the more affordable colors. The tiles are installed in strips, so any veining in the stones is minimized across the overall pattern.

It starts near one corner with a solid small square. This is bordered by strips in the contrasting color, and then two more borders are set in place for an expanding windowpane pattern.

Alternate the color patterns between squares for an interesting visual effect. The pattern will become the highlight of a foyer or hallway where you may want to minimize the use of furniture.

Draw the pattern out ahead of time so that you can make adjustments and ensure that your squares will fit across the space evenly. This will also give you a better feel for how the pattern works and moves the eye across the floor.

The great thing about this pattern is that you’re only using two colors, so you can still purchase in bulk to help keep the overall costs in line with your budget.

Embrace the Veins

Some marble has heavier veining than other options, including Crema Marfil and Crema River. When installing the tiles, most people try to put the veins so that they’re drifting in the same direction for a soothing look that minimizes the veins while still adding a little visual motion.

A better option may be to turn the tiles so that the veins are moving in different directions. You’ll create a truly random pattern that’s designed by nature, and you’ll add interest to the room without having to take any extra steps.

It’s a simple process that can have a powerful impact, and this finish is appropriate for contemporary and traditional homes alike.

Bring in the Border

When most people think of borders, they picture narrow strips that flow along the outer edge of a room. However, a large, bold border can also be highly attractive.

If you’re installing 12-inch tiles through the main floor, consider the same size tiles for a contrasting border.

This is ideal for very large spaces, and you can use it to help define the different functional areas in a great room.

You can also use the bold border along with a simple harlequin pattern.

Finding the Right Supplier

The easiest way to save money on your new marble floor pattern is to work with the right supplier.

While you could visit the local home improvement for some marble, you won’t be rewarded with bulk pricing for buying everything at once.

You also may not find the same high-quality stones carried by Nalboor.

We handle our own quarrying and manufacturing, so we’re able to bring you impressive low prices that other suppliers cannot match.

We work hard to deliver tiles quickly, and we take great care with the packaging to minimize the risk of damage.

Discounts are offered on larger orders, and that makes it easier for you to save money.

We carry the most popular marble colors, including Adalia Cappuccino, Biano Dolomiti, Crema River, and Crema Marfil.

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