6 Advantages of Marble Flooring

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Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: A Timeless Choice for Hotel DesignWe all know the number one drawback to purchasing marble flooring and that’s the actual cost of the purchase! While marble flooring is admittedly pricey, it is worth quoting the well-known phrase that “you get what you pay for”.

When purchasing a home, buyers will typically find the best house for their family that fits into their budget. It can be said that no one would purposely buy a shanty house to live in. After all, this is a place that they will call home with plans to possibly sell it for a nice retirement nest egg. So why should anyone furnish their flooring, arguably the most used material within a home, with a type of substance that will show signs of wear and tear in a matter of months?

Investing in marble flooring is the best thing you can do for your home! It’s like building your home with brick instead of wood! Sure, you will pay a premium but it’s an expense that, unless you just want to change for decorative purposes, will most likely never be incurred again.

Here are 6 advantages of buying marble flooring:

  1. Durability – The days of cringing every time someone pulls his or her chair up to the dining room table are over! No more scuffed floors! Rest easy and throw all the parties you want knowing that your marble floors are scratch- free. Even in high traffic areas, marble floors have the tenacity to withstand the tussle of little footprints that kids bring throughout the home. This material is also advantageous in businesses environments. The only issue that one might have with marble flooring is damaging whatever anyone may drop onto the floor!

Marble floors are durable enough to withstand the toughest bumps. If you’ve ever dropped a dish or cup on your kitchen floor, you may have noticed a little nick in your linoleum or wood floors. With marble floors, the dish and/or cup will be the casualty. Depending on how well you handle your dishes, you may have to replace them but it will be much cheaper than replacing flooring throughout your home.

  1. Easy to Clean – With marble floors, you no longer have to worry about guests staining your white carpeting with red wine either! Even with a household full of kids, parents will be able to clean up messy spills and even crayon marks from their marble floor with a damp, soapy towel.

A great feature of marble flooring is that they are moisture resistant, which makes the surface easy to clean. However, it is highly recommended to finish your floors with a sealing protectant. It should also be noted that although marble tile is moisture resistant, it is not stain resistant. Therefore, any spills should be cleaned up immediately.

  1. High Finished Look – There’s no doubt about it, marble floors enhances any space, upgrading it to a high quality of luxury. Whether it is an old dwelling or new construction, decorating your floors with marble tiling brings a new level of sophistication to an ordinary space. Because of its finishing glow, marble is able to reflect light illuminating the dimmest settings creating an inviting area that might otherwise be dark and drab.

Marble is versatile. It can be incorporated in a diverse array of designs. From rustic, old-world charm, modern, farmhouse, nautical, to the new steam punk designs, even. Its material has been tried and true, used throughout the ages in art and construction creating timeless pieces of art that stand the test of time.

  1. Increase Home Value – Since marble has been known to stand the test of time, why not incorporate this material into one of your biggest investments—your home? Remember the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for?’. The same is true when you are selling your home! These days, buyers are looking for turnkey homes to move right into. Some people prefer not to do any renovations—and they are willing to pay for that feature!

While it can be argued that it may be cheaper to buy marble flooring and install it yourself, some people don’t have the time or patience to deal with such a project and are willing to pay more just for the convenience of having the work completed for them. This is where you as the seller benefit. By installing marble flooring in your home, you are increasing its value, almost guaranteeing an instant return on the investment. With beautiful marble flooring, your home will most likely put you ahead of the competition of any other homes that are selling in your price range.

  1. Allergen-Free – Marble floors are perfect for households with pets and especially for veterinarian hospitals! While carpet is soft and cozy enough to curl your toes in, it can also be a dust trap, collecting dander, pet hair, pollen, and not to mention plain old dirt. Even the best of the best vacuums may not be able to pick up 100% of the dirt that compiles in carpets overtime.

This is a non-issue with marble floors. With this material, you can often see the dust. Thus, easily wipe away the threats of an allergy attack.

  1. Unique Coloring – Although it can be manufactured, marble is originally an organic substance. Much like a snowflake, there aren’t any duplicate patterns, but you can still achieve a cohesive look by remaining with the same color slab. By using the same slab, your space will have keep a unique coloring, complementing any other colors that you have paired with your space.

Upgrading your floors with marble is a win-win situation. Whether you are buying or selling your home—especially if you are a business owner expecting a high volume of traffic, buying marble floors is the smart investment to make. Its durability has the potential to outlast the dwelling itself! If you are ready to make a great investment, call Nalboor Tiles at 305-501-4548. Our staff is available to help you select the right marble tile, Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm or contact us online.