5 Beautiful Marble Floor Ideas for Bathrooms

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5 Beautiful Marble Floor Ideas for BathroomsMarble is an excellent choice for the bathroom because it can withstand the water, is resistant to stains, and it’s easy to clean. Before you settle for an ocean of cream or tan tiles marching across your floor, however, consider doing something a little different. Marble is a versatile material, so you can give the bathroom a more modern and interesting look by getting a little creative with your color choices and patterns.

1. Offset with Granite

A popular design option is square tiles set across the floor with small, contrasting diamonds at the corners. This pattern is so popular that it’s commonly repeated with linoleum floors, but you can have the real thing using marble and granite.

If you want the purest white color, then start with a base of Bianco Dolomiti and offset it with your black granite tiles. You can also give this traditional pattern a modern twist by starting with an impressive base of Crema Bella marble. The soft gray tones will balance nicely with the black highlights, and the more visible veining will add visual appeal to what might otherwise become a bland space.

Give the room more definition by including a border of granite along the perimeter, and consider using granite tiles around the mirror or behind the towel bar to help tie everything together and create a beautiful look in the room.

2. Enlarging the Room the Easy Way

Many bathrooms are on the small side and you may not be able to enlarge the space. However, you can trick the eye into thinking a bathroom is more spacious than it really is.

A good rule of thumb is to start with a light colored tile that will reflect light and fool the eye. Vanilla Oro and Bianco Dolomiti are both excellent choices. However, the real secret is consistency. Remove the borders and contrasting vertical colors that can visually shrink a room by replacing some common fixtures with the same marble that’s being installed on the floor.

If you’re going with Crema Marfil Marble on the floor, then carry the ivory color onto the tub skirt and use is as the baseboards in the bathroom. Go with a matching threshold for your walk-in shower or other doors in the room. As you expand the space that’s covered with matching marble, you’ll make the room look and feel larger than it really is.

3. Embrace the Natural Movement

Marble stones like Crema River and Adalia Cappuccino have heavier veining that tends to stand out more. Make the most of this natural feature by carefully laying the tiles so that the veins move in roughly the same direction. Taking advantage of the natural lines in the tile allows you to help direct where people will look.

Set the veining so that it moves across the narrow side of the room. This helps expand the room visually in that direction to make it look more balanced and add an appealing touch to the space.

If the room is very large and you’re trying to make it feel more intimate, then put the veining so that it moves in perpendicular directions. This gives the floor movement and a beautiful look while also making the space feel a little cozier.

4. The Built-In Rug

If you love the look of area rugs but don’t want to add one to the bathroom, then consider creating one out of natural stone tiles. You can use mosaic tiles, pre-crafted medallions, and contrasting natural stone tiles to give your larger bathroom a stunning focal point. Fill the surrounding field with marble tiles for an impressive look that will never grow old.

The pattern can be as simple as square marble tiles set in a diamond pattern in the middle of the floor and bordered by a row of mosaics. You can also give the floor a more impressive look by having a local artist draw out a stunning and unique pattern that will turn your bathroom into one of the highlights of your home.

Consider adding different colors of marble to this space to make it stand out more. Rojo Alicante and Adalia Cappuccino are both excellent choices when you’re creating an impressive focal point and need bolder shades.

5. Mix the Sizes

While you may be drawn to the one-foot-square tiles, consider mixing them with other sizes. Even if the color is consistent, the different sizes will still give the floor some variance in texture, and that helps to create visual appeal along with a timeless look.

Use a narrow strip of mosaic tiles in between the larger tiles to create a basic yet stunning pattern. Keep things interesting by installing the pattern so that the corners of the tiles meet the walls and help to open up the space. You can also use mosaics as a simple border or to highlight the entrance to the shower or to bring more attention to a mirror.

If you want a more subtle touch, then try to match the mosaics to the rest of the marble. If you want a more eye-catching design, then go with contrasting colors that will stand out more and create a bolder pattern.

Marble is a durable material that can last forever, so it’s a cost-effective choice for any project. It’s important to choose the right supplier so that you can have a good selection of materials and enjoy low prices.

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