Shell Reef Limestone Tiles for Use Inside and Outside

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the-rotunda-has-limestone-tile-floorsDelight your clients with premium materials that stand apart from the competition. Shell reef limestone is a natural product that features the durability of marble and the luxurious patterns of nature. Rather than veining that moves through a stone, it features the swirls and marks that are left behind by natural shell formations. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, it’s a great choice when you want to set your design center apart and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Pebbled Look, Smooth Finish

Do your clients want the look of pebbles but hate the uneven surface? Shell reef limestone is the perfect solution. Available in white and ivory colors, it has enough pattern to the tile to recreate the look of white pebbles. Your customers will love having the extra patterns and texture, but they won’t have to worry about twisting their ankle when they walk across the tiles. Available in tumbled textures, it can safely be used in outdoor areas that will get wet. However, it’s also perfect for adding style and movement to any interior area where a smooth surface is necessary, including the bathroom floor, a shower wall or in the foyer.

Cool Surface in Hot Weather

Limestone doesn’t hold heat like other products, so it’s ideal for installation in areas that get direct sunlight. When you’re designing a pool deck, choose this marvelous tile for a luxurious deck that’s also safe. It’s comfortable under bare feet, but safe enough to walk on when wet. Highlight those features to your customers to make an impression with your attention to detail and commitment to their safety. The tiles are also ideal for sunny patios and seating areas out in the garden. They’re formed by nature, so you can trust that they’ll last and withstand the elements.

Warming up Modern Décor

Have you been hired to design a modern living room? Consider keeping the room feeling welcoming by adding some movement to the floor with these natural patterns. The monochromatic theme is subdued enough that it won’t take center stage and steal the spotlight from the stunning furniture. However, it will add much needed texture and movement to furniture that could feel cold and bland otherwise. Lay it across the floor, or use solid tiles to create a stunning pattern that will help add interest to the space and make it feel larger.

Functional and Elegant Counters

Shell reef limestone isn’t just for floors. It’s also an ideal choice for counters because it can handle the water and is resistant to staining. Your clients may initially think that the counters are man-made because of the detailed patterns, and they’ll be thrilled to discover that they’re crafted by nature. Use them as counters in outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, basement wet bars and in the main kitchen of the home. The neutral colors will blend with any décor, but the stunning patterns will make a fantastic impression on your clients and help you rise above the competition.

Designed for Durability

The look of limestone may alter slightly with regular foot traffic and wear. Like copper, this is part of its charm. The stone is very durable and will last for many years to come. Made up of minerals and formed by pressure, it’s commonly used in construction projects because of its durability. When you offer clients high-end products like shell reef limestone, they’ll know that you’re looking out for their best interests. This type of material costs more initially, but it lasts far longer to help people save money in the long run. It increases the value of the home, and customers will love that as much as they love the beautiful patterns in this stone.

The Little Details

Your clients are going to view the little details, and they expect that you’ll also look at the fine details of any project. Make an impression by using luxurious materials like limestone wherever you can. Why choose a frameless mirror for the bathroom when you can make a bold statement with a limestone frame? Don’t choose a simple painted backsplash in the kitchen. Make the space easier to clean with stunning limestone that adds color and style to the home. Adding those little details to the design is a great way to create an incredible finished product that your clients will love.

Order and Install with Care

Natural stone tiles can crack in shipment. While some damage is normal and unavoidable, you want to work with a wholesaler that takes steps to avoid the problems. We carefully pack our shipments in crates to minimize damage. When the product arrives, it should be stored in a safe location to prevent further damage. Discounts are available to help you save money on your orders.We also take pride in our stable inventory and low prices. You can order more limestone from us in the future to cover other projects. Once your clients see how attractive limestone is and discover the benefits, they’ll request it again. When their friends see the beautiful materials, they may contact your company for interior design or renovation services. If you have access to a stable inventory, then you can accommodate the customers and take your business to the next level.

Looking to the Future

When you include limestone in your design plans, you should remember that this stone is a little softer than granite, and it should be sealed to protect it. Ensure that you provide the highest level of service by sealing the limestone for your customers or making arrangements to have it done. Provide your customers with a quick tutorial on caring for the stone. They’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for them now and in the future.As a contractor, you’re always looking for ways to expand your business and impress your customers. Use luxurious, quality materials like shell reef limestone to thrill your clients and take your business to the next level. Nalboor offers superior customer service, wholesale pricing and a stable inventory.

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