Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: A Timeless Choice for Hotel Design

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Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: A Timeless Choice for Hotel DesignWhen customers walk into a fine hotel, they’re looking for certain features. In addition to a friendly and knowledgeable staff, they also want to see elegant building materials and a luxurious interior design. They expect to feel pampered, and that means surrounding them with the finest materials and sophisticated finishes. Whether you’re designing a new hotel from the ground up or you’re working on a remodeling project for an existing structure, there are several ways that you can incorporate upscale Crema Marfil marble into the finished look.

Make Any Staircase More Elegant

Staircases in homes are made of wood, but you want something more impressive in a high-end resort or hotel. When you have different height levels in a room, finish off all the flooring and connecting stairs with beautiful marble. Use the same material on the stair risers to make the entire space feel more open and elegant. The ocean of beige makes a powerful statement, and your guests will love the grand feeling of marble stairs. This finishing technique is appropriate for public areas throughout the hotel and in the private suites.

Embrace Patterns for a Smart Design

The finest suites need to be smartly designed from the front door to the smallest closet. One area that guests look closely at is the powder room. They want it to be functional and serviceable, but they also want to feel pampered when they’re getting ready for their day. Most hotels use basic white tile for a bathroom floor, but you want a striking design that your guests will remember and even talk about with their friends. Use different shapes of Crema Marfil tile to create an elegant pattern on the floor, shower walls or around the mirrors. Make the pattern stand out with a bright white grout between the tiles. You can also make the pattern a focal point by putting a contrasting border around it. This type of smart design can be used in foyers, dining areas and in other section of the hotel to remind guests that they’re surrounded by luxury.

Warmth with Wood Accents

Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: A Timeless Choice for Hotel DesignCrema Marfil tile matches almost everything, but it looks particularly inviting when paired with wood. Use warm wood colors in the furniture and other accents. Finish the doors in a natural wood color. You’ll create an attractive color contrast while bringing out the beige highlights in your lovely tile floors or walls. The traditional look will appeal to most clients, and the combination of materials creates a cosmopolitan feel that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Marble and Carpeting Mix for Style and Function

You want to have carpeting in the hallways to keep the quieter, but you also want a luxurious look that fits the style of the hotel. When you need style and function to combine, you can mix marble and carpeting. One option is to fit your halls and lobby area with elegant marble and then use carpeted runners for extra traction and sound absorption. Another option is to have the marble installed along the sides of the hallway as a border. Fit the center with wall-to-wall carpet for an impressive look that will suit the unique needs of this high-traffic area. In addition to looking incredible, it will also be easier to maintain these areas and keep them looking great over the coming years. An added bonus is that the flooring levels will be even, so you won’t have to worry about guests tripping on the edge of the rug.

Medallions and Focal Points

If you have a large lobby or open space that needs to be dressed up, consider putting a medallion or custom mosaic in the center. Surround the artwork with a graceful marble floor and you’re sure to impress future guests. The beauty of tile medallions and artwork is that they never fade or lose their beauty. This type of finish mimics the look of an elegant area rug, but there is no concern about a rug slipping or moving around.

Bring Out the Beauty of Darker Marble

Pair Crema Marfil with any other type of marble and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning finish that is sure to make people stop and take a closer look. This marble features a neutral shade that works beautifully with colors like pink, brown and even green. Use the Crema Marfil for the apron of a luxurious whirlpool tub and then finish off the top deck in a rich espresso. Put the lighter tile around a mirror to brighten the room while using a deep green as the countertop. There is no limit to the way you can mix and match these colors, and you’ll create a custom look that will make your hotel stand out from the competition. Guests will remember the elegant finishes, and that can lead to more repeat business and advance bookings.

Desktops for the Most Elegant Rooms

You appreciate the value of marble as a countertop in the powder room, but it’s also the perfect top for desks and dressers. In past eras, marble was used instead of wood as a sign of wealth and luxury. While you can still use wood as a dresser or desktop in the main area, marble is a better choice for several reasons. The first is that your guests will spy the marble finish and be impressed with this little finishing detail. However, there’s also a functional purpose. In this age of electronics, your guests are bound to have tablets, phones and laptops that need to be plugged in and charged. Over time, these devices can scratch and damage a wood surface. Marble is more durable, so you won’t have to worry about the damage from regular use. Crema Marfil is breathtaking when paired with warm wood tones, and that’s makes it a great choice to finish off the furniture in your guest rooms.

Windowsills and Door Thresholds for Durability

The door thresholds in your hotel are going to see constant abuse as people wheel suitcases over them and walk across in high heels. Use marble for the door thresholds throughout your building for the greater durability and longevity. Other hotels use metal, but metal cannot compare with marble for beauty and visual appeal. The windowsills can be finished with plain drywall, but you’ll spend a good deal of time investing in maintenance and repairs. Wood is an option, but it can become damaged by condensation that may build up inside windows. Marble is a durable and elegant choice. While you may install it in the windows for practical reasons, your guests will view it as another example of the hotel’s luxurious look and sophisticated environment.

Impressive Finishes with Mosaics

Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: A Timeless Choice for Hotel DesignCrema Marfil is available in both mosaics and larger tiles. Use the combination of sizes to create a truly impressive finish in the showers or other areas of the resort. Use the larger tiles over most of the shower walls, but then create a border or a wide vertical stripe using coordinating mosaics. If you have built-in shelves in the suites, use Crema Marfil mosaic tiles as the backing. Finish off the interior edges and the base with long strips of Crema Marfil for an impressive finish that your guests will be envious of. The mosaics are also a top choice for the aprons of counters, risers on stairwells, around mirrors and in other small areas.

Appropriate for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Polished marble is ideal for use inside the hotel, but you can also choose tumbled marble tiles for use around the pool deck, the patio dining areas and other exterior locations. Tumbled marble has a slight texture so that guests aren’t likely to slip. It’s a great way to ensure that the outdoor spaces of your hotel are every bit as luxurious and impressive as the indoor areas. When you’re working on the interior design of a new hotel, consider the many uses of Crema Marfil tiles. This durable material can be used throughout the resort for everything from the lobby floor to a border around mirrors. Suitable for all types of surfaces, it can be used as thresholds, windowsills, wall coverings, flooring and decorative accents. The neutral colors make it perfect for mixing with other materials, and it will make any area more impressive.

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