Crema Marfil Marble: The Preferred Tile

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Crema Marfil Marble: The Preferred TileHomeowners want their properties to feel inviting and look attractive, and they’re looking for contractors who will help them meet their goals. Whether you specialize in building custom homes or you enjoy doing renovations, it’s important to offer high-end materials that will attract more discerning customers. While you may also choose to have budget-friendly options to please a wide range of people, it’s wise to stock some high-end items that will appeal to clients who have more exacting specifications. When it comes to the flooring, counters, outdoor areas and even shower enclosures on projects, your clients will appreciate having the option of Crema Marfil tiles. Consider these benefits and beautiful features of this marble tile that will help you make a great impression on potential clients.

A Neutral Choice for Greater Appeal

Customers may choose different colors when they’re designing their unique project, but you want to make an impression with model homes and samples that show neutral tones. This allows clients to visualize their furniture in the home and envision how the colors will work with their lifestyle. They may choose darker shades or deeper tones when they place their order, but it’s the beautiful neutral colors in the Crema Marfil tile that will initially capture their interest and help you close the deal. Crema Marfil tiles feature shades of white, cream and beige that most people find soothing. With the relaxing look and the ability to work with any type of décor, these tiles will appeal to a wider range of people. Many customers who are looking at resale value down the road will also prefer the neutral shades.

Light Colors Enlarge Spaces

It’s a common rule of decorating that light colors visually expand a space while darker shades make it feel a little more cozy. When you’re showcasing a model home or taking a potential client through your portfolio, you want the rooms to seem large, airy and welcoming. The best way to accomplish this is with light colors. Crema Marfil tiles reflect more light, and that also helps enlarge the space visually. Rooms seem more welcoming and luxurious, and the slight movement in color helps keep the space attractive and maintains an interesting look that customers will never grow tired of.

Cost-Effective Choices Impress Clients

People are aware of the costs of items. While some of your clients are happy to pay extra for luxurious materials, others may need to be reminded of how cost-effective the more sophisticated choices may be. While carpet may carry a lower price today, it will have to be replaced in seven to ten years. Beautiful Crema Marfil tiles, however, can last a lifetime. They require very little care to keep them in top shape, and annual sealing will help prevent stains and other problems. Even ceramic tiles can become damaged over time with scratches and chips, but marble is stronger than ceramic tiles made of clay. Crema Marfil is a common color, so a scratched or damaged tile can be replaced down the road without having to tear out the entire floor. As you start to highlight the benefits of marble and how durable it is, clients who are planning on staying in the home for the next 10 or 20 years may decide to go with this option.

The Perfect Highlighting Color

Anytime you want to highlight an architectural feature of the project, Crema Marfil tile is a good choice. You can use it on the backsplash of a curved bathtub to add elegance and beauty to the room. Encase a column in elegant marble to make it stand out more. Use it as the backsplash in the bathroom to open up the space and make it feel more impressive. The neutral colors will work with any other décor, so you can trust that it will look impressive next to your woodwork or as the riser in stairwells that are finished with hardwood treads. It brings extra attention to key architectural features, and it adds class to any project.

Useful Throughout the Home

Crema Marfil is an incredible versatile tile that can be used throughout your project. It’s not limited to use in entry floors or as bathtub surrounds. Use this luxurious tile in the outdoor living area to finish off the patio and ensure that the home has a sophisticated feel inside and out. Install it on the front porch to make a powerful impression on people who are touring the model home. When they see marble tiles at the entry outside the house, they’ll enter the house looking for the other luxurious features that you offer. It can be installed on kitchen counters, on the office workspace and around the mirrors in the bathroom. Use it on just the kitchen island to highlight this space, and install it in the built-in shelves in the shower. Whether it’s used in a little area or a massive one, it will make the right impression on potential clients. It’s available in a range of styles and sizes, so you can use it on all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces throughout the property.

Combined with Other Materials for a Unique Look

You don’t have to use Crema Marfil alone. It can be combined with other materials for an impressive look that your clients will be enthralled with. If you’re installing travertine tile in the tub surround, use Crema Marfil as an eye-catching border. Create the look of an area rug in the living room by using marble in the center of the room and then surrounding it with hardwood floors. Mix it with other colors to form borders, patterns and a range of fresh looks. It looks incredible against deep shades of black and blue, and it also works nicely with all types of earth tones, including reds and browns.

Impress Your Clients by Having It in Stock

When you finalize a deal with a client, they’ll be anxious for the work to start. While there will always be some supplies that must be ordered, they don’t want to wait long for their project to get underway and be completed. With the neutral tones and incredible versatility of Crema Marfil, you can keep it stocked in your company warehouse. As you start on a new project, you’ll have this product ready to go if a client chooses it. This makes a great impression on the clients, and you’ll be able to provide them with faster turnarounds.When you’re ready to start on your model home or you’re creating an estimate for a customer, consider using Crema Marfil marble tiles. These luxurious stones are durable enough to suit more lifestyles, and they’re a beautiful addition to any home. The neutral colors ensure that they’ll work nicely with any décor, and they’ll appeal to a wide range of customers. We sell in bulk for renovation and construction projects. It’s wise to keep a selection in stock if you specialize in custom homes and home improvements. Available from Nalboor, you can visit us online or call (305) 501-4548 to learn more about our selection of beautiful Crema Marfil tiles.