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White Glass Floor Tile Distributor in MiamiGlass tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, but they’re a lovely choice for any part of your construction project. Consider the benefits of white glass floor tiles so that you can incorporate them into your next design and ensure that your clients are pleased. They’re easy to clean and resistant to scratches. They also hold onto a brilliant shine that you won’t find with other materials. Offering a range of materials to your customers will help ensure that you have designs and options that will appeal to a wider range of clients. Here are just a few ways you can add glass tiles to your future projects.

Modern Look and Incredible Shine
Modern décor calls for a bright finish that reflects light and makes rooms seem larger. Metal is commonly employed when designers are working on contemporary floor plans, but white glass floor tiles are another excellent choice. The neutral white color matches everything, and the highly polished surface reflects light throughout the area. It looks particularly attractive in the sunlight, and that makes it a top choice for rooms that are finished with large banks of windows. While white floor tiles are readily available, only glass has the high polish and shine that makes a room look larger and more impressive. This makes them a great choice for family rooms and bedrooms alike.

Durable for High Traffic Areas
Glass is highly durable. Despite how easily blown glass will shatter when dropped, the heavier glass tiles are surprisingly durable. They are resistant to scratching, discoloration, stains and chipping. The solid tiles aren’t prone to cracking like some other materials, and that makes them a top choice for foyers, kitchens and bathrooms. All of these areas see regular use throughout the day, and they’re frequented by guests and family members like. You need a material that will look great through the coming years without showing wear and damage.

Design Options for Greater Versatility
You can invest in a wide range of tiles for all of your design plans. Choose slabs, mosaics and subway tiles. Here at Nalboor, we offer this product in sizes ranging from 12-inch by 24-inch rectangles to large four-foot-square tiles. Using larger tiles in massive spaces minimizes your installation costs while reducing the number of grout lines. Use smaller tiles in tiny foyers and other areas where you want to create the optical illusion of size in an area. People use glass tiles in areas throughout a construction project ranging from the foyer to the private spa. They can be installed in residential and commercial settings, and that makes them a top choice for designers and contractors who work with a wide range of clients.

Easier Maintenance for Happy Clients
Impervious to water, glass won’t become a food source for mold. Stains cannot seep into the pores to become an eyesore. Dirt does show easily, but it also wipes away with ease. Even natural stone can become stained or damaged under the right circumstances, but glass is resistant to these problems. Even glue is easily cleaned away with a razor blade. All your clients need to clean their glass tiles is a sponge dampened with warm water. If soap scum becomes a problem, a mild vinegar solution will generally restore it to normal. In addition to loving the shine, your clients will also appreciate how easy the tiles are to maintain and clean.

The Eco-Friendly Choice
More and more consumers are worried about the environment, and they’re looking for eco-friendly choices when building. Glass can be recycled and given new life through other forms. While not all glass tile is made of recycled materials, homeowners appreciate knowing that their tiles can be recycled in the future if they should decide to change the design of their home and use different materials.

Easily Shaped for Lower Installation Costs
Some materials are harder to work with than others. As a product becomes more difficult to cut and shape, the associated installation costs rise. Not only will your customers love having glass floor tiles, but your contractors will also enjoy working with this remarkable product. While it’s not the right choice for every project and room, it’s an excellent option to have on hand for greater versatility and style. You’ll save on labor, and you can also reduce breakage because the tiles are easier to work with.

The Weatherproof Choice for Exterior Applications
Impervious to water and stains, glass is a top choice for outdoor furniture and other applications. Rather than going with simple ceramic tile around the top edge of a pool, have it fitted with glass tiles to reflect more light and make the pool look more impressive. It can be installed in an outdoor kitchen to make it more attractive and luxurious. Use it as a border around a wood deck to make the space feel more elegant and brighter. Move beyond the front door to put glass tiles in the foyer. It’s a brilliant backdrop for the front door and a fantastic way to welcome people to the property.

When choosing your suppliers for raw materials, it’s vital to choose the right companies. Here at Nalboor, we’re committed to providing customers with wholesale pricing on all of our high-quality merchandise. We carry laminated Marmo Glass that is perfectly white and comparable in appearance to Greek Thassos white marble. A laminated glass sits over a porcelain backing for a sturdy product and perfect finish. We also offer Full Body Marmo Glass. This product is perfectly white with minimal variations for greater consistency and a more attractive look.

We offer the lowest prices in order to help you control costs. Shipping is available throughout the country, and you’ll appreciate our prompt service. Nalboor also offers a range of natural stones and beautiful marble so that you can mix and match your materials based on your client needs and demands. We take pride in our great customer service, and our friendly customer service representatives will help you place your order. When you want a flooring product that’s imperious water, has a stunning shine and a flawless finish, white glass floor tiles are the right choice. Contact us today to learn more about your options and place your order.