Natural Ivory Light Travertine Tiles for Selective Clients

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Arizona Ivory TravertineDiscerning clients have a specific image in mind, and nothing less than perfection will satisfy them. You appreciate these clients for the challenge they give you, and you love the great feeling that comes with earning their respect. Working with demanding clients requires being prepared with the best ideas and the finest materials, so you should consider adding natural ivory travertine tiles to your inventory. Here are some of the benefits travertine tiles have to offer clients who only want the best.

The Beauty of Nature

Travertine is infused with mineral compounds that dance across the surface and result in a variegated color. While ivory is more consistent in tone and shade, it still features that natural variation that your customers are sure to love. The look is difficult to recreate in ceramic as travertine has a warmth to the shade that only nature can produce. Your customers will appreciate the use of genuine stone tiles because the beauty of nature will make their new home more attractive.

Better for the Environment

There’s more to eco-friendly choices than how long it takes them to form in nature. Natural stone tiles like travertine are considered a green choice because it’s an abundant resource that features incredible longevity. In fact, the travertine tiles used in your clients projects may not ever have to be replaced. They can last for well over a century with minimal care, and that makes them a great choice for the environment.However, the eco-friendly nature of travertine goes beyond simple longevity. This stone can be manufactured and smoothed into the desired shaped without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s cleaned with simple water and safe cleaning agents, so the use of VOCs and other dangerous compounds isn’t necessary. Your customers will appreciate the use of a material that’s environmentally conscious.

A Great Choice for Indoor Air Quality

One of the concerns with VOCs and other chemicals is that they’re released into the air of a home as people walk across the surface and handle the material. This is why new carpets have that “new carpet” smell. With natural stone like ivory travertine, this isn’t a concern. There are no chemicals leaching into the environment to harm the air quality.The ability to use simple water and safe cleaners to keep the tiles looking great also protect indoor air quality. Honed to a smooth surface and sealed annually, travertine tiles won’t hold dirt and allergens the way carpet can, and that’s also great news for any household with allergy problems. When you have clients who are concerned about their health and the indoor air quality, you can make an incredible impression by offering to use travertine tiles for flooring, windowsills, door thresholds, kitchen backsplashes and even on the patio outside.

Clean and Safe

People are often surprised to learn that some natural stones, like ivory travertine, are naturally antimicrobial. It simply doesn’t provide a hospitable environment for germs and bacteria to spread and grow. They can be cleaned with a steam mop or by simply damp mopping the surface. There’s no need to bring in heavy chemicals that are dangerous to young children and pets. When your clients have families to consider or pets who are like their children, they want building materials with this quality. Let them know that you’re looking out for their best interests by offering this flooring material and highlighting how it’s easier to clean than carpet and more resistant to bacteria than any vinyl or plastic products.

Resistant to Chipping

Travertine is a hard stone that’s resistant to chipping. Customers sometimes resist the idea of ceramic because of how easily it cracks, but travertine is generally more durable. If your customers still express concern over chipping or cracking, then suggest that they use small rugs in areas where items are more likely to fall, such as in front of the sink or refrigerator. They’ll appreciate the advice and look forward to being able to use beautiful natural stones without worrying about breakage.

Versatility that Appeals to Investors

People who are living in their dream homes aren’t worried about resale value as much as investors are, but both groups will appreciate the beautiful ivory shades of travertine tiles. The ivory color matches every décor and style without taking too much attention or being difficult to maintain. It brightens a space by reflecting light, and it’s the perfect finishing touch for everything from black modern furniture to floral upholstery in a Victorian setting. Homeowners will appreciate the ability to change their décor without changing the flooring. Investors will love that the flooring will appeal to almost every buyer when they’re ready to sell the property.

Cost-Saving Options

The cost of installing travertine can be high, but part of that expense is the special tools you’ll need to cut the stones and smooth out the sharp edges. Once you have these tools on hand, your main cost will be the labor, so the expense will drop slightly after you make the initial investment in tools. You’ll also save by working with wholesalers who offer bulk pricing for quality products. We ship tiles in crates, and we offer attractive prices that you’re sure to appreciate. We carefully wrap and pack all shipments to protect the tiles. Some will still break on shipment, but we do everything in our power to minimize this inevitable loss. Up to 10 percent loss is considered normal. This is the industry average, but we strive to provide you with better service. As a result, most of our shipments have losses of less than five percent. If you ever have questions or concerns about damage in a shipment, we invite you to call us and we’ll address the problem in any way we can.When you work with a company that helps you save money, you can reduce your expenses and boost profit levels. The other option is to secure more contracts by passing the savings on to your customers through lower prices. We help you save through lower prices, reduced breakage and bulk rates on shipments.

Stability for Future Ordering

Don’t wait and order ivory travertine tiles when a customer wants it. Ideally, you should have several crates on hand at any given time for projects because your discerning clients will make this choice. With the tiles on hand, you can show samples to your customers and make a great impression on them. You won’t have to wait for shipments to start working on contracted jobs. When it’s time to order more tiles, you can trust us to have what you need in stock. This allows you to move smoothly from one project to another. You’ll be able to keep your promises to your customers, and that leads to a better community reputation and positive referrals.

Variety and Custom Orders

We offer beautiful ivory travertine in floor tiles, but your options don’t end there. We also offer window sills and thresholds, so you can make an impression by replacing the standard wood with incredible, durable natural stone. We can provide you with tiles for backsplashes and showers, so you can use travertine throughout your design plans. We can also work with our overseas factories to handle special orders. Minimum purchasing amounts are required, and it will take a little time to place the order, but we’re happy to take care of this for you.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are here to help you in any way possible. They’ll work closely with you to place orders, and we’re happy to ship crates to your central warehouse or directly to job sites. Our goal is to help you succeed in your business, and we believe that starts by providing you the highest level of service. We’ll answer any questions, help you choose the right inventory items and even provide you with the information you need to become a dealer.When you have discerning clients, you need to be prepared to offer them the finest materials and products. You’ll make a great impression by considering the fine details and offering luxurious options like ivory travertine. Your customers are looking for the finest items, and they’ll only work with vendors and contractors who can provide them with the top choices. Make sure that you’re ready to impress customers and be awarded the greatest jobs by offering elegant materials like travertine and granite.

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