Crema River Tiles Gives Rooms a Classic Feel

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Crema River Tiles Gives Rooms a Classic FeelContractors need to be prepared to work on a range of products. You never know when you’ll be approached by a customer who lives in a tiny home in the heart of town or one who has a small mansion out in the country. While these clients may have different properties, their goals are the same. They want their property to look incredible and be inviting. They want to increase the value of their home while creating a luxurious look that they’ll never grow tired of. This is why it’s important for you to keep stocked up on the right building materials, including Crema River tiles. Here are just a few ways you can overcome various design challenges with by using Crema River travertine tiles in your design plans.

Visually Enlarge a Small Space

When clients complain that a room is small, you should consider using this elegant tile to expand it visually. You appreciate the power of light colors to make walls recede and open up a room. When the floor is covered in this travertine, the entire room seems larger. The depth of color and attractive variation of shade adds dimension and interest to the room. This is particularly effective in powder rooms and foyers where there’s minimal furniture and limited floor space.

Clearly Define a Space with Borders

Many home builders are embracing open spaces like great rooms and foyers, but clearly defining the different functional spaces can be challenging. When a client has two spaces that merge and blend, you can clearly define each one by adding a colorful border. Use the Crema River tiles in the center of the space to maintain the open feel, but clearly mark the boundaries by installing contrasting tiles around the perimeter. Homeowners love this choice for foyers because it can make a space feel more important and make a powerful impression on visitors. It’s also a great idea for great rooms that are drifting into the dining area without any clear definition. In the bathroom, consider using the borders along zero-entrance showers and to differentiate the dressing areas from the powder room.

Overcome Problems with Moisture

Natural stone tiles are a great choice for any space that’s going to get wet. When your customers are talking about finishing the basement, discuss the benefits of travertine. It doesn’t get cold underfoot the way ceramic will, but it can handle higher moisture levels. People who live in flood zones appreciate these building materials because their losses are limited after a flooding problem. They’re far more attractive than simple concrete, but they won’t be destroyed by water like carpet, wood or laminates.

Handle the Extra Foot Traffic

Busy families have to consider the durability of products before making a decision. Carpet wears down, and even hardwood will have to be refinished and eventually replaced when used in a high traffic area. Travertine is more durable and can handle the more demanding environment. Crema River tiles are an attractive choice that provide depth and color, but they’re also the strongest option. They won’t wear down, lose their finish or start to look tired. If your clients are concerned about staining, then you can suggest having the floors sealed annually as an extra layer of protection. When your clients start talking about how busy they are and how much they’re running in and out of the home, you can make an impression by offering this durable but luxurious option.

Cooking With Joy

When it comes to the kitchen, people put granite on the counters but tend to neglect the floors. Crema River tiles are an excellent choice for kitchens. They aren’t damaged by humidity, so the temperature and moisture won’t harm the flooring. They can withstand being chipped or scratched, and they won’t stain if you drop an egg on the floor. They’re a sophisticated addition that makes the kitchen feel more traditional and welcoming, so your customers might actually look forward to preparing a meal in the room. Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate how easy travertine is to care for and clean. They’ll appreciate having the option of using it, and that can give you an important edge when you’re first submitting a bid.

Appropriate for the Living Room

People know the benefits of using natural stone in the foyer, bathroom and even the kitchen, but they don’t realize that it’s also a fine choice for the living room. Installed in the main room of the home, it gives the entire property a classic feeling. Clients can use any decorating style with this versatile tile option, and everything they own will look incredible when impressive Crema River tiles serve as the background. Small rooms can be enlarged by using only the Crema River tiles in the space. Large areas that may feel overwhelming can be brought in visually and made more intimate by making a pattern using contrasting or coordinating colors.

Protecting Walls from Moisture

The beautiful tiles can also be used to protect walls from moisture. Installed in showers and on kitchen backsplashes, Crema River tiles make any room more luxurious. They tiles are easy to clean and resistant to damage, so they’ll last for a long time and provide years of protection from humidity or even direct water. Incorporating this versatile building material onto vertical surfaces is another great way to make a positive impression on clients and give yourself a competitive edge. There are countless ways to work Crema River tiles into your design plans and stand out from the competition. Your clients will benefit from the use of this durable and attractive material. You’ll make a great impression, and that can lead to more positive referrals in the future. Whether you incorporate the tiles into a dining room, fill a bathroom with this luxurious material or use it in the kitchen, your customers will love the classic feeling and luxurious look of this stone. Use it along with other materials to form borders and patterns, and let it stand alone to visually enlarge a space and add dimension to the floor.

When you’re ready to add Crema River tiles to your inventory, work with a supplier that can provide you with low prices on quality stones. If you are interested in enhancing your business or home with our beautiful natural stone, contact us today through our online form. You may also call us at (305) 501-4548 to speak to one of our professionals from the most affordable marble wholesaler in Florida!