Where Can I Find a Marble Distributor in Miami Florida?

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Where Can I Find a Turkish Marble Distributor in Miami Florida?

Builders and contractors who specialize in constructing upscale projects need high-end materials in order to get ahead of the competition and acquire more clients to keep the business going. Specifically for developers, high-end finishes tend to be the norm as these projects typically include shopping centers, hotels, condominiums—anything that is going to bring in businesses, essentially helping the economy in that area.

Whenever there’s a new development project, contractors need to be sure to incorporate durable materials into the build. When constructing a building project that is designed to house a lot of traffic, the last thing contractors want to do is use cheap material that will show early signs of wear and tear.

Investors spend millions of dollars into development projects. They usually expect to see some sort of proof to justify where every cent went. This is where builders can dazzle their clients with high-end finishings like marble building material. 

The Demand for Marble Tile 

These days, marble is becoming as popular as wood. Also, with the technology of fabricating building materials to look like marble, the overall look can oftentimes begin to look the same. In this competitive industry of building and development, every builder and contractor needs to do something different in order to shine a little brighter than his or her competitors.

The spectrum of authenticity verses manufactured building materials has its pros and cons. Manufactured materials may be cheaper, but it’s not the real thing. However, as marble continues to be in high demand, developers are continuing to find new ways to make their brand the primary choice for investors to developing new property, whether it’s business or residential. 

Finding Quality Marble 

Aside from its durability and various coloring, other features that make marble so attractive is the veining, the cracks and fissures. Marble is organically formed deep within the earth, forming unique design patterns. So it can be reasoned that the more veining a piece of marble has, the more attractive of a building material it can be.

What buyers need to understand is that the veining and fissures within marble are considered the weaker areas. So the more veining a slab of marble has, the more likely it is to crack or break. Therefore it is strongly recommended to examine the patterns in a slab of marble before buying it for a building project.

Another way to find quality marble is to get it from an authentic source. 

Nalboor Tiles 

One way for a builder to feature his or her company is to get their material from an authentic natural stone distributor.

Some of the finest marble has been quarried from oversees. Being able to attain quality marble is rare mainly because of how much it would cost to ship it to the United States. Because it is somewhat rare to have a superior quality of marble incorporated into a build, it automatically becomes a key selling feature.

The challenge would then be how does one get a hold such exquisite natural stone without spending too much money? 

Benefits of Finding a High-End Marble Distributor in Miami 

Nalboor Tiles is located in Miami, Florida. It is right in the heart of what is considered the “Cruise Capital of the World” mainly because if it’s massive port. This means Nalboor is able to import premium marble tiles and offer it to their customers at a discount price.

With Nalboor Tiles, building contractors and developers now have the opportunity to stock their warehouses with superior quality of tile without having to deal with the responsibilities of overseas shipping. 

Buying in Bulk 

Furthermore, Nalboor offers building professionals the opportunity to buy in bulk. Marble isn’t cheap. If you have the room to stock marble tile, it is always recommended to buy in bulk, especially if it’s a good grade of marble. Nalboor Tiles has all of this great tile stored right in their warehouse ready to ship out at a moment’s notice.           

Shipment Costs

When buying in bulk from Nalboor, a buyer has the opportunity to purchase natural stone tile at a discount price—without having to pay the surcharges of an overseas shipment. Any business located in the United States has the advantage of housing a generous supply of marble at an affordable price. For buyers in the South Florida area, the shipping expense of buying marble overseas will be greatly reduced when buying from Nalboor.

 Different Uses for Marble

 There are many different uses for marble tiles. Here are some ways that it can be incorporated into a build: 

  • Floors Marble flooring will incorporate a level of class and sophistication to any space.
  • Countertops Marble countertops are considered a standard upgrade in most builds and can easily complement any color and design of kitchen cabinets.
  • Bathrooms Because marble is relatively water-resistant, the bathroom is the perfect place to install marble as it can withstand humid areas and won’t mold or rot.
  • Vanities Create a regal elegance to a dressing area by installing a marble vanity to showcase toiletries. Paired with a beautifully framed mirror will only reflects its beauty.
  • SinksCustomize the bathroom and kitchen with a beautifully crafted marble sink paired with a seamless marble countertop that is guaranteed to impress investors.
  • Mosaics Mosaics can serve as the focal point in any space. Interior designers can have some fun crafting an eye-catching mural made out of marble. 

More than Marble! 

Nalboor Tiles, offers more than marble tiles. Our company offers a wide variety of natural stone, marble, mosaic, engineered, and porcelain tiles. Whatever your building material needs are, our friendly customer service department is more than happy to assist you. As aforementioned, our location in Miami gives you the opportunity to purchase quality marble at an affordable price.

Our offices are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm EST. If you have any more questions about what kind of tiles we have, visit our website or call us today at 1-305-501-4548.