Most Amazing Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash Designs

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Crema-Bella-Marble-Tile-Floor1A kitchen that contains natural stone floors and countertops is visually appealing. Adding a stone backsplash design to the room completes the picture. A backsplash often complements the rest of the stone tiles, either because of a sharp color contrast or because of an entirely different tile pattern.
At Stonexchange, we offer much more than just window sills and thresholds. Our natural stone flooring tiles are top-quality, available at wholesale prices to commercial customers. We also stock a complete line of smaller tile sizes, borders and mosaics, and pavers.

One of the biggest challenges for commercial installers and floor tile companies is to keep a suitable variety of specialty tiles on hand for jobs such as the construction of a delightful backsplash for the kitchen. A number of different, very popular designs are currently being used for tiling the wall behind the range, underneath the cabinets, and around the perimeter of the marble countertop.

Using Natural Stone For A Backsplash

Stone is an obvious choice for a kitchen backsplash because it complements marble and granite tiles nicely. When a kitchen contains marble tiles for the flooring and marble countertops, the appearance of simple wall paint often leaves something to be desired in the mind of the observer. Adding a wall covering of stone tiles creates a beautiful transition between stone surfaces and wood cabinetry, and it also fuses the room together visually.

Our company stocks a wide variety of specialty tiles. Because we are a direct importer and distributor of natural stone products, we carry many styles that are perfect for constructing an appealing kitchen backsplash. In addition to our floor tiling products, we carry shower curb material, thresholds, and even swimming pool copings. Our large stock of mosaics and borders makes it very easy for commercial customers to find the perfect tile pattern for constructing a customized backsplash or kitchen wall design.

A backsplash made of marble or other natural stone not only creates a unified look to the kitchen, it also has its practical values. A stone backsplash is easy to clean and helps keep residues and particulates off of painted walls. Grime and grease from cooking often collects on the lower walls of the kitchen, but a stone backsplash makes removal of this soot quite simple indeed.

Stone can also absorb heat without cracking or contracting. A painted wall often will begin to show signs of wear after several years, particularly if the surface is near a source of high heat such as a range or oven. The interior walls of the kitchen will last longer and require less maintenance if they are covered in beautiful, natural stone.

Some of the most amazing backsplash designs include marble tiles that are slightly different in color shade from the material used for the countertops themselves. The tiles are placed directly onto the interior wall, usually affixed to plywood or other suitable substrate. The tiles cover the entire wall surface and blend seamlessly with the edges of cabinetry.

What Our Company Offers

Stonexchange is an importer and distributor of marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stone products. We partner with manufacturers that extract stone slabs from quarries and pack them for overseas shipment. We work directly with facilities that produce pavers, mosaics, borders, and tiles. These are shipped in bulk via container ship to our distribution center in Miami, Florida.

We sell our products directly to commercial customers such as floor tile retailers, home improvement centers, construction companies, and licensed installers. We maintain a huge inventory of tiles and mosaics at our warehouse facility, ready for immediate shipment to anywhere in the continental United States.

Architects design kitchens with a focus on completeness and complementary accents. When a customer chooses a particular design, the next step is to purchase suitable materials. Our complete line of natural stone tiles and mosaics includes styles that work well for the most commonly mentioned marble shades.

For example, our White Carrara marble is perfect for design plans that call for the use of Georgia White, Cherokee, or Carbonia. Our beautiful Crema Marfil is used when plans call for Botticcino or Bursa Beige. Our Absolute Black Granite tiles are intended for use in construction calling for Black Galaxy or China Black.

Good News For Retailers

Retail flooring companies often carry several of the popular marble and granite styles for use as a flooring product. However, installers and interior designers as well as do-it-yourself homeowners often bring in color block samples or photos of the backsplash design they desire. Finding smaller tiles or mosaic patterns that match can be difficult unless these stone products are kept in the company inventory.

Our company solves this problem because we carry a full line of specialty tile products, many of which are perfect for use in creating an amazing kitchen backsplash. Because we deliver full crates of product to our commercial customers, adding these mosaics, borders, and non-standard tile sizes to the order is never a problem.

Our travertine and paving stone products are also popular for use as an interior wall covering. Regardless of the type of stone needed, our company has it available at far below retail prices.

Our Order Delivery Process

Materials used for kitchen backsplashes are generally the same as those used for countertops and floors in the kitchen. However, installers must cut these stones into custom shapes because of the limited space between countertop and cabinetry. This means that careful planning must be completed in order to minimize product overage and waste.

We provide commercial customers with full crates of tiles, mosaics, borders, or mixed orders of stone product. We do have a minimum piece requirement on all orders, but we can pack a shipment of several different products into our larger delivery crates. We send our deliveries via overland freight directly to retailers, home improvement chains, and even to job sites.

Our freight costs are reduced because we ship in bulk. We pass this savings on to our customers. The problem of how to obtain quality natural stone tiles is solved when the product is purchased in wholesale quantities from an importer/distributor.

Orders For Large Construction Projects

A large residential development or construction of a high-rise condominium complex that contains marble kitchen surfaces in each unit will involve the ordering of substantial amounts of natural stone. Construction companies that subcontract installers of stone tiles must still consider bid offers well ahead of time. Orders for tens of thousands of stone tiles for countertops and backsplashes generally require about two months lead time for overseas shipment.

We will work closely with our commercial customers to set up approximate delivery dates of our fine-quality natural stone tiles. We are prepared to give an immediate price estimate no matter how large the order.

Best Quality At The Lowest Price

Purchasing from a direct importer and distributor means obtaining the finest quality marble, granite, and other natural stone products at unbeatable prices. Our company is constantly importing large amounts of stone in order to keep our warehouse full of product. This means that we can supply our commercial customers with product at any time of year, even during the winter months when construction activity is at its lowest level.

Remodeling and home improvement projects are ongoing throughout the winter months. Consumers are certain to remember a merchant that had exactly what was needed, regardless of the season. We can design an order schedule that will ensure that product inventory is always on hand at retail outlets.

Contact us today and find out how the finest natural stone products for kitchen backsplashes can be obtained at the lowest prices in the industry. We are ready to design a custom order of marble, granite, or mosaic tile product and deliver it promptly to any location in the continental U.S.A.