Tumbled Stone Tile for Backsplash Designs

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Tumbled stone is commonly used in exterior applications because the textured surface is safer to walk on when it’s wet. However, this finish is moving into homes and businesses around the nation because people love the look and rough finish. It’s a particularly appealing choice when finishing off a kitchen backsplash. While you may not … Continued

Wholesale Travertine Mosaic Tiles For Kitchen Backsplash

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A popular addition to a new or remoWholesale Travertine Mosaic Tiles For Kitchen Backsplashdeled kitchen is an attractive backsplash. The wall covering behind the range and countertop can be of glass, ceramic, marble, granite, or a combination of these materials. Some of the most commonly used design ideas integrate mosaic tiles, travertine inset pieces, or travertine and glass patterns into the natural stone used to cover the wall surface.

Most Amazing Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash Designs

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A kitchen that contains natural stone floors and countertops is visually appealing. Adding a stone backsplash design to the room completes the picture. A backsplash often complements the rest of the stone tiles, either because of a sharp color contrast or because of an entirely different tile pattern.

Transform Residential Builds with Warm Adalia Cappuccino Tiles

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Adalia Cappuccino is a beautiful light brown marble that’s in high demand with builders and designers throughout the nation. Featuring earthy tones highlighted with lighter shades, it’s a perfect choice for all types of new construction projects as well as renovations. Here are just a few of the ways that your buyers can use Adalia … Continued

How Rose Travertine Tiles Can Increase the Value of Commerical Builds

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  Putting together a commercial project requires asking many questions. You need to understand the climate you are building for, and what materials are durable but are also sustainable and highly attractive to visitors and investors. You also need building materials that are going to keep you within the project’s budget, and rose travertine could … Continued

How Pietra Gris Montana Marble Transforms Residential Homes

How Pietra Gris Montana Marble Transforms Residential Homes

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Bold. Dramatic. Elegant. Modern. If these are concepts you’d like to incorporate when designing or building a luxury home, we have four more words for you: Pietra Gris Montana Tiles. Whether used as an accent marble, a countertop, or flooring, this superior stone will set your interior decor apart from traditional residential design. Pietra Gris … Continued

High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South Florida

High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South Florida

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Keep your customers happy by providing them with high-end materials at very reasonable prices. Shell Reef Limestone is a natural choice that adds depth and dimension to any project. It’s durable, attractive, and you can take advantage of great prices by trusting Nalboor with all of your supply needs. The unique three-dimensional effect stands out, … Continued

Buy Beautiful Warmth Crema Marfil Marble in Miami, South Florida

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For more than 12 years, industry professionals in South Florida have turned to Nalboor Tiles for quality construction materials. Our online showroom offers the convenience of viewing accurate representations of our product line from the comfort of your home or office. If you’re looking to carry an affordable floor tile that’s in demand, consider warm, … Continued

6 Ideas to Create a Modern Look Using Natural Stone Flooring

6 Ideas to Create a Modern Look Using Natural Stone Flooring

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Modern styles can still rely on very traditional materials, including beautiful natural stones. As a wholesaler, you can rely on Nalboor Tiles for smart options, quality pieces, and consistent inventories. Here are some of the growing trends and how NalboorTiles can help you meet the needs of your contractors, designers, and architects. 1. The Natural … Continued