Wholesale Marble Supplier for Luxury Construction Projects  

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For developers looking to make an investment with a high return, they usually target the high-end market. When you’re targeting a high-end market that means that you’ll need to have a higher amount of capital to invest with. Laminate flooring will not get you a million dollar home these days. If you expect to cater to high-end buyers, you’re going to need to invest in high-end building materials. What Luxury Buyers Expect It can be... Read More

Marble Tile for New Residential Apartment Buildings

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The rental business is a volatile one. It’s essentially just one step up from the hotel business as far as temporary housing goes. Tenants are constantly revolving in and out. This can be a lucrative business when dealing with long-term residential tenants, but when it comes to those short-term stays, like 3-6 months, the rental business for landlords could become quite costly due to installing new flooring all of the time.  If you are trying... Read More

Crema Marfil Wholesale Marble Tiles in Miami

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The general aesthetic concept of Miami, Florida is that everything is bright and cheery. The sun shines all year round, and it’s a great place to vacation. Aside from the picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, even the scenery is different with its famous Art Deco designs with radiant-colored furniture to complement the whole vibe. Miami is literally a hot place and the interior design in a Miami build will often reflect that.  Natural stone... Read More

How Purchasing Wholesale Marble Saves You Money

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Buying marble at a wholesale price is the smart way to go about getting this premium building material. Once upon a time, only the incredibly wealthy had access to marble stone. Traces of this can be seen in the Supreme Court Building, The Colosseum, Taj Mahal, and Versailles. These days, you’ll find marble in newer construction builds for business buildings, residential areas, and even furniture.              Q.If marble is so... Read More

What to Know About Purchasing Wholesale Marble

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When it comes to decorating with stone tile, marble ranks at the top as the number one seller. Marble is the most sought after building material amongst builders, contractors, architects, and designers. This uniquely colored mineral not only emanates a certain elegance in décor, it also is a durable and may very well outlast anything else in the build that isn’t stone!  The Professional’s Choice: The Downside As a builder and contractor, the best way... Read More

Custom Bulk Pricing on Bianco Dolomiti Tiles

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Many developers and contractors are incorporating stone into their projects as it has become the standard for new builds. Marble is one of the top sellers in the natural stone market. As the warmer-toned Adalia Cappuccino and the softer Crema River tiles tend to be the standard neutral marble preferences, designers have begun to shop outside what could now be considered the traditional marble selections.  What is Bianco Dolomiti? Bianco Dolomiti is another type of... Read More

A Nalboor Review: Crema Bella Natural Marble Tiles

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Not many wholesale tile distributors will have detailed information about the type of natural stone that they are selling. At best, you’ll get the basics, a short description, the price and the dimensions. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we believe that our customers should be well informed about the products that they are receiving from us.  Because we sell in bulk, we understand that most of our customers are professionals in the industry: builders, contractors, interior... Read More

How to Choose Between Crema Marfil Marble and Saturnia Ivory Travertine Light

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Oftentimes, most builders and contractors are more concerned with the structure of a build rather than getting into the details of what kind of stone flooring should be installed. They may have the general idea that stone tile is needed, but when it comes to determining exactly which kind to select, it can become a time-consuming task.  Classifying Natural Stone  Because there are different variations of natural stone coloring, they are separated into certain categories... Read More

Rojo Alicante Marble Wholesale Distributor

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  Using marble stone as part of your building project will most likely be one of the best investments a building contractor can make. Using any type of stone is going to be costly, but the return on investment cannot be denied. More builders are understanding this concept. No matter how large or small a contracting company is, it can be said that it’s almost forced to incorporate marble into a building project in one... Read More

Differences Between the Types of Ivory Travertine Tile

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Turn your television to the most popular home and garden show and guaranteed, you’ll find some type of stone as a decorative feature. For high-end professionals, incorporating stone into a build has become the standard operation. Anything less would be considered outdated.  Many building contractors on the rise may already be well acquainted with marble tile and unfortunately, not every builder may be able to afford investing this grade of stone into their build right... Read More