5 Products That Will Extend the Life of Your Marble Floors

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5 Products That Will Extend the Life of Your Marble Floors Marble floors are an investment in your property, and they can last forever with a little care. However, they can also be scratched by abuse and damaged. The good news is that there are excellent products available that can help your new marble floors last a lifetime. Here’s what you should invest in to protect your floors when you make this investment.

Annual Sealers will Prevent Stains

Natural stones floors can be stained if something spills on them and you don’t clean it up right away. Even if you’re diligent about cleaning up messes, accidents can still happen. It’s best to have the protection in place ahead of time to avoid permanent damage. Marble and other porous natural stones can be sealed annually to prevent spills from soaking in and staining the floor. It’s easy to seal the tiles, and the product is very affordable. After cleaning the floors, you just have to wipe on the sealer according to manufacturer directions and let it air dry. If you’re nervous about doing this work yourself or you don’t have the time, then you can hire a professional company to come in and seal the marble for you. You should clean spills as quickly as possible even if your floor is sealed, but it will provide you with an important layer of protection.

Floor Pads and Rugs for Furniture

Marble is a hard surface that can handle regular foot traffic, but it can still be scratched under the right circumstances. A pebble that’s caught under a furniture leg can leave a mark if the furniture is pushed across the floor. Protect your marble by using special pads under all furniture legs. Foam pads made for wood floors will also protect the natural stone. They feature adhesive backs, so they’re easy to apply to your couch legs. Even with the pads in place, you should still lift furniture to move it rather than sliding it.Some furnishings, like recliners, can have long rails that are difficult to put pads under. In this case, you can protect your floor with soft, rubber-backed mat that just fits under the chair. Put the rug upside down so the soft fabric is against the marble and your chair is held on the mat by the rubber backing. If you have a rocking chair, you can use long strips for the runners, or you can put the chair on an attractive area rug to protect the floor.

The Broom, Dustpan and Dust-mop

Marble floors are so durable and require very little care. They can be cleaned easily with just a little water, but they need to be swept often. Ideally, the floors should be swept several times a week to pick up dust, little pebbles, and other pieces of debris. You can minimize the sweeping by encouraging friends and family to take their shoes off when they come into the home.When sweeping the floor, go under the furniture and into the corners as much as possible. The goal is to gather up the dust and dirt before it can get caught under furniture and potentially scratch the floor. Regular sweeping will also prevent the floor from dulling and ensure that it always looks fantastic. Use little entry rugs by all doors to capture dust and dirt before it reaches the marble. You’ll find that keeping it clean is very easy when you invest in this simple preventive measure. If you don’t like sweeping the floor, then there are some smart products you can use to make the chore easier. Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideally suited to cleaning hard flooring surfaces, or you can use vacuuming brooms that pull up the dust as you sweep to eliminate bending and stooping over.

The Steam Mop for a Fast Polish

Steam is the perfect cleaner for marble. The moisture won’t hurt the tiles, but the heat and dampness will help loosen any dirt that’s stuck in place. Steam mops feature washable cotton heads that collect the dirt and leave your floor looking incredible. Steam mops are easy to use, and mopping the floor will only take a few minutes. The great advantage of using steam is that it cleans and polishes the floor at the same time. As you move across the floor and steam the tiles, little bits of dirt and even shoe-prints will vanish. Everything will be caught by the absorbent head, and you’ll be left with a floor that’s clean, attractive and beautifully shined. There’s no need to use chemicals when you have the power of steam, so you won’t have to worry about your pets or children being harmed by any residue.

Specially Formulated Cleaners

There are also specially formulated cleaners made for marble. Some of them spray on and are mopped up. Others are added to a bucket and applied with a mop or damp rag. It’s important to use only commercial cleaners that are recommended by your flooring manufacturer to avoid inadvertently damaging the floor and voiding any warranties. In addition to cleaning the floors, these products also have wax components that protect the floor and give it a richer shine. They’re easy to use by simply following the manufacturer’s directions on the bottle. They don’t need to be used on a regular basis, but cleaning and treating the floor with them occasionally will extend the life of the marble and keep it looking incredible.

When you make the investment in marble floors, you want to get the most out of them. Protect and preserve your marble floors by using felt pads and entry mats to avoid scratches. Keep your marble safe from spills and stains by taking the time to seal it every year. Sweep it regularly, and use steam mops for day-to-day cleaning. However, you may still want to treat your marble occasionally with special cleaners that are specifically made to clean marble and restore the shine. With these five products on hand, you’ll be ready to keep your marble looking beautiful for a lifetime.

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