Engineered Stone Full Body Marmo Glass: An Economic Alternative to Greek Thassos

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Engineered Stone Full Body Marmo Glass: An Economic Alternative to Greek ThassosWhen you want a perfect white finish that’s reminiscent of Greek Thassos, you don’t have to make room in the budget for elegant marble tile. Another option is full-body Marmo glass. This cost-effective alternative is available in white crystallized glass panels. With limited color variation, it’s ideal for areas where aesthetics call for smooth color and a flawless finish.

Ideal for All Applications

Marmo glass can be used in commercial and residential applications. It features a smooth white finish with a highly polished surface. A sharp contrast to dark colors, it brings out the other hues in any application and adds interest to them. If you’re designing a modern bathroom with stark black and white tiles or a kitchen with eye-popping cobalt blue cabinets, then Marmo glass is an ideal finishing choice for the kitchen counters. The white shade contrasts beautifully with other colors while increasing the visual appeal of any design.

Durable Enough for Regular Use

When putting tile in any high traffic area, you want to know that it can withstand the regular use. Marmo tiles have zero water absorption, and that makes them a great choice in bathrooms, foyers, kitchens and even basements. You won’t have to worry about stains seeping deep into the tile because of the solid finish and lack of water absorption. Install this luxurious material in your new commercial kitchen, or use it as an accent in your family room at home. It’s not prone to scratching, staining or other problems, so you can count on it looking fantastic for years to come.

Easy Maintenance with No Staining

One of the big concerns with natural stones is the risk that they might become stained with use. Acidic drinks can damage marble, and dirty water can leave travertine looking tired and dull over time. Marmo glass has zero water absorption, so these problems are eliminated. Stains will not occur, so the tiles will last longer. An added bonus is that they’re easier to clean and care for. Businesses can save on their maintenance costs with Marmo glass, and that makes it a key selling point among designers and construction companies.

The Incredible Polish

When customers want a shiny finish that looks amazing, Marmo glass is a top choice. The highly polished surface has the shine of glass without the need for special polishers or extra care. Once the surface has been cleaned, the light will naturally reflect off the smooth finish. Areas look larger, brighter and more welcoming as a result. The hard man-made finish is highly resistant to the scratches, stains and etching that dulls natural stone floors. It will look amazing from the first day of installation until it’s time to switch to a new flooring type, and all types of home and business owners enjoy the incredible shine and high-polish finish.

Easy-Care Counters

Many homeowners reach for glass cutting boards when they’re preparing a meal from scratch. Tempered glass is also a top choice for trivets and hot pads. With Marmo glass tiles, there’s no need to add these extra accessories to a finished kitchen design. Customers love knowing their counters are durable enough to handle hot pots and won’t be scratched by the stray knife. They can enjoy a more streamlined look that’s free of the clutter that is a trademark of many other kitchens. If you’ve been dreaming of Greek Thassos marble for kitchen counters, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Marmo glass is an excellent replacement that looks just as lovely without the higher costs.

A Smooth Material for All Design Finishes

Whether your clients want a contemporary look or they prefer a more traditional style, Marmo glass can provide you with the right finish for your needs. The solid white color looks amazing with natural wood stains, bright white cabinets and most other colors. It works beautifully with the soft finish of wood, and it matches the high shine of glossy metal finishes. It’s one of the most versatile materials available, and that makes it a premier choice for many home and commercial designs. Without any pattern or texture to the tiles, they’re very easy to blend with other options for a customized look that can be used to please even the most discerning clients.

Floors, Walls and Counters for Greater Versatility

If you’ve dreamed of putting the look of glass on the floor, then Marmo tiles are the right choice for your next project. These man-made tiles feature solid construction, high-quality materials and an extremely hard finish. They can be mounted on walls for a finish that’s easy to clean, or they can be used on counters for a durable work surface. Installed on floors, they visually increase a room by reflecting more light throughout the space. With this level of versatility, you can use Marzo glass to frame in a mirror on one side of the room and in the shower on the opposite side of the space.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

This is an eco-friendly option that is recommended when builders want a green building material. It doesn’t emit any radiation and there’s no off-gassing that would harm indoor air quality. Another benefit is that it can be repolished for an impressive life span that makes it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This can be an important selling feature when working with clients who are focused on green materials.

Smooth Lines and Curved Planes

With perfectly smooth lines and a polished surface, Marmo glass is a fine choice for all types of structures. The ability to craft these tiles into curving planes allows them to become the finishing coat on pillars. Wood and other materials will show more signs of wear and tear, but the glass finish on Marmo will withstand the abuse of heavy traffic areas. The next time you’re designing an open archway for a project, consider finishing the curved edges with this durable and attractive material.

Easy to Work With

One of the appealing features of marble is the ability to give countertop edges a decorative finish. Marmo glass can easily be drilled and carved to customize the manufactured stone to suit your needs. The beautiful white color is consistent throughout the tile, so the finished edges will have the same consistent color as the finished top.

If you want the look of pure white marble without the high cost, then Marmo glass is a cost-effective choice that you’ll appreciate. It’s just as durable as marble, but it carries a much lower purchase price. The solid white color is remarkably consistent, and that makes it the perfect choice for builders and clients who don’t want the variation of natural stones. Available from Nalboor, these tiles are a fantastic way to bring down the cost of a budget without sacrificing style or quality. If your customers love the warmth of natural stones, you can also find an excellent selection of natural marble at Nalboor to finish your next big project.

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