Upgrade Your Floors With Crema Bella Marble Tile

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As a wholesaler, you’re always looking for great new products that will appeal to all your customers. Whether you cater to the contractors or sell direct to the public, you can trust Nalboor Tiles to have the attractive options at amazing prices. We’ll help you keep your shelves stocked with products that all your customers are sure to love, including Crema Bella marble tile. We offer three different sizes at incredible prices, and you’ll be impressed with this Turkish tile.

Upgrade Your Floors With Crema Bella Marble Tile

Bulk Orders Save Money

You can save money by going with bulk orders from Nalboor Tiles. A crate of 12-inch-square tiles will cover 288 square feet. Our crates of 18-inch square tiles cover 337 square feet, and the 23-inch-square tile crates will cover 260 square feet. If you’re replenishing your own warehouse and can order more than 4,000 square feet, then you can save even more by taking advantage of our special direct container pricing. Containers ship directly from our warehouse to yours, so you can save time, money, and hassle.

Natural Stones

Consumers today have embraced the green movement, and that includes what they put in their own homes. Crema Bella tile is quarried and manufactured in Turkey. It comes under a range of names, including Crema Monica, Turkish Botticcino, and Crema Milk. The color is consistent throughout the stone, so most scratches and marks virtually disappear with a little cleaning and polishing. The stones are forged by nature, honed by man, and ready for decades of regular use.

When you have customers who are searching for durable and attractive stones, direct them to Crema Bella for an impressive finish. The stones are considered a green choice because they can last a lifetime with just a little care.

Educate Clients on Maintenance

Natural stone can last forever, but it still requires the proper care. Impress your clients by giving them a quick tutorial on the routine care of marble stones like Crema Bella and Crema River. Ideally, all marble floors should be swept regularly to prevent scratching. Steam mops are a great choice for cleaning residential floors. Commercial floors can be cleaned with the regular equipment, but only gentle, non-acidic detergents should be used.

Additionally, you can provide your clients with specially formulated cleansers that are easy on stone but tough on dirt and all types of residues. Remind them of the importance to mop up spills as soon as possible to prevent staining.

Finally, the best way to prevent staining is with regular sealing. The floors or counters should be sealed annually to maintain that high-polish finish and ensure that accidents don’t lead to lasting reminders. The sealers are easy to apply and will help keep the floor looking like new longer.

A Wide Appeal

Crema Bella tiles are a smart addition to your inventory because they can be used in countless ways. The most obvious choice is for flooring, but it also makes a fine alternative for counters, shower walls, outdoor kitchens, and even stair risers.

This is why Crema Bella appeals to so many different contractors and designers alike. It works with traditional and contemporary decors. The neutral finish can make small rooms feel bigger and bring a luxurious touch to simple areas. Appropriate for use with all types of colors, it’s a popular choice for all types of renovations. Whether you have interior designers who are looking for sharp additions or contractors who want more durable options, your clients are sure to be pleased with Crema Bella marble.

Reliable Inventory

If you already have Crema Bella as part of your regular offerings, then you have a vested interest in choosing a company with a reliable supply chain. Unlike other wholesalers who look for deals and pass them on, we consistently provide our clients with fantastic deals by managing our own quarries. This allows us to keep up with demand and ensure that you always have the attractive marble offerings you need.

Our impressive rates help you save money on high-quality stones, so you can put your markup in place and still provide your customers with great deals. You’ll continue to be one of the best places to shop for wholesale stones while improving your profit margin.

We’ve partnered with several national shipping companies, so getting your crates delivered in a timely manner is no problem. You can have them sent directly to your own showroom or shipped to your customers for their convenience. We take care when packaging shipments to minimize breakage and guarantee that orders are filled properly.

Customer Service

Wholesalers still care about customer service, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. That’s why Nalboor Tiles has representatives available to help you with orders, answer any questions that you have, and address any concerns. We take pride in our consistency and accuracy, and we’re ready to handle any challenges that may arise with your order. We’ll communicate openly with you so that you’ll know what to expect along the way.

The only way to remain a top wholesaler is to provide your contractors and designers with the top materials at very attractive prices. We’ll help you achieve that goal by providing you with amazing prices on beautiful marble tiles like Crema Bella. When your customers are ready to upgrade their portfolios, you’ll be ready to assist them.

Give us a call today at 305-501-4548 or contact us online to review our various products and place your first order. Remember that our prices go down with larger bulk orders, and our representatives are always happy to assist you.