Create a Stylish Terrace with Vanilla Oro Marble Tiles

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When it’s time to build your outdoor living space, look beyond the standard bricks and wood and consider using luxurious marble. Vanilla Oro tiles can be used to build a stunning terrace that you’ll love now and for years to come. If you’re planning on using marble for the flooring, remember that this is only … Continued

Affordable and Unique Marble Flooring Ideas

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Marble is a luxurious and attractive building material that’s used throughout home improvement projects. Install it on the patio, or add it to your living room. It’s appropriate for floors and walls alike, and it can take any space from simple to magnificent. You may be worried about the high cost of marble tiles that … Continued

How Marble Flooring Can Make a Small Space Appear Larger

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Many older homes feature rooms that are a little on the small side, and even a brand new house can have a kitchen or bathroom that feels claustrophobic. Before you put an addition on your home, consider making some decorative changes. Sometimes the smallest adjustment can have a powerful impact and effectively make a small … Continued

High Quality Marble Flooring That Is Easy to Maintain

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When choosing the finishing materials for your construction project, you should consider several different features of the product. In addition to choosing an attractive material that will give your home a sophisticated look, you also want to find something that’s easy to care for and highly durable. A cost-effective material may carry a higher price … Continued

Marble Floor Décor: Miami’s Favorite Tiles

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Marble flooring is one of the top choices for Miami homes, and it’s not just for the luxurious style and appearance. This building material has been in use for centuries, and it’s proven that it can withstand the test of time and regular use. It’s ideally suited to warm climates, appropriate for interior and exterior … Continued

Custom Marble Tiles From a Miami Distributor

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When you choose marble as the finishing material for your project, you’ll want to order pieces that are close to the final size you’ll require. This allows you to minimize cuts, grout lines and labor. However, the retailers you have access to on the local level are sure to have a limited selection in stock. … Continued

White Marble Flooring: Bianco Dolomiti, Vanilla Oro and More!

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Give your project the perfect look with luxurious white marble. While you may think that one white marble looks the same as another, you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are different undertones at play, various looks with the striations, and different veining levels. While Marmo glass can give you the perfect white finish … Continued

Marble Patio Tile for Miami Homes and Housing Complexes

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When finishing off a property, you’ll eventually have to decide on what to do with the patio area. While you can leave this unfinished for future buyers, you’ll make a better impression if you offer something magnificent. There are several options to consider, and they all have a few pros and cons that you should … Continued

Discount Tiles That Look Like Italian Marble

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When you’re buying materials for your next building project, remember that you aren’t limited to the brands offered at your local home improvement store. If you’re willing to work with a wholesaler and have the merchandise shipped, you can save a great deal of money on merchandise that looks just as attractive and is the … Continued