How to Purchase Natural Stone Tiles from a Large Wholesale Distributor

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More builders, contractors and developers, and especially architects are realizing the benefits of incorporating natural stone into their building projects. Producing a product that outlasts the competition and looks good will almost guarantee referrals and repeated business. If an increase in clients is the result, then there is a new set of problems to handle. … Continued

Affordable Wholesale Crema Marfil Tile

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When you’re building or designing a home, vacation retreat or office building, you need to consider the tone that your project will set. Everything you bring into a space will have an impact on how it looks and feels. This includes your tile floors, wall colors, and even your drapes. Rather than just pulling together … Continued

Best Marble Tile Distributor in Miami Florida

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In Miami, Florida, looking for someone to buy marble from is as plentiful as shopping for bubble gum in a candy store! Having too big of a selection can become overwhelming. With so many marble tile distributors, how can you determine which is the right one? It’s almost like closing your eyes and blindly pointing … Continued

Wholesale Marble for Commercial Properties

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You wouldn’t know that the United States economy is in a deficit when looking at Miami, Florida’s development. The Next Miami has announced that Dade County is seriously considering a plan to them to build America’s biggest mall.  Jack Osterholt, the Dade deputy mayor reportedly told The Real Deal magazine that the official plans for … Continued

Why You Should Seal Your Marble Floor

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The beauty that marble flooring provides is a timeless décor that will complement styles ranging from shabby sleek to magnificently modern. It is a lasting stone that has proven to endure throughout the ages. Amazing works of art like Michelangelo’s David and Venus de Milo’s Musee du Louvre, showcases the beauty of art. The architecture of … Continued

Protecting Your Marble Floor From Heavy Furniture

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Marble flooring has the reputation of beauty, elegance, luxury, and long lasting durability. So does the diamond, a substance that’s said to be the hardest mineral on earth. Yet, somehow we are able to cut and shape it. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that even in all its permanence … Continued

6 Advantages of Marble Flooring

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We all know the number one drawback to purchasing marble flooring and that’s the actual cost of the purchase! While marble flooring is admittedly pricey, it is worth quoting the well-known phrase that “you get what you pay for”. When purchasing a home, buyers will typically find the best house for their family that fits … Continued

A Nalboor Review: Bianco Dolomiti vs Crema Marfil Marble

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When choosing the marble for your next project, there are several points to consider. While the basic color may be a top concern initially, consider the pricing, available sizes, and potential uses. Some marble options look very similar to others, so you may find that one style will suit your needs almost as well as … Continued