Wholesale Marble for Commercial Properties

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You wouldn’t know that the United States economy is in a deficit when looking at Miami, Florida’s development. The Next Miami has announced that Dade County is seriously considering a plan to them to build America’s biggest mall.  Jack Osterholt, the Dade deputy mayor reportedly told The Real Deal magazine that the official plans for … Continued

Why You Should Seal Your Marble Floor

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The beauty that marble flooring provides is a timeless décor that will complement styles ranging from shabby sleek to magnificently modern. It is a lasting stone that has proven to endure throughout the ages. Amazing works of art like Michelangelo’s David and Venus de Milo’s Musee du Louvre, showcases the beauty of art. The architecture of … Continued

Matching Marble With Your Home Décor

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Honestly, this is something that you can’t get wrong! If you are considering incorporating marble tile in your home, it’s a win-win situation. Marble is such a beautiful piece of stone having a unique color pattern in every slab. It’s imperishability will stand throughout the ages, even the four walls that it is enclosed in! … Continued

Where Can I Find a Marble Distributor in Miami Florida?

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Builders and contractors who specialize in constructing upscale projects need high-end materials in order to get ahead of the competition and acquire more clients to keep the business going. Specifically for developers, high-end finishes tend to be the norm as these projects typically include shopping centers, hotels, condominiums—anything that is going to bring in businesses, … Continued

Types of Tiles Safe for Use Around Pool Areas

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Swimming pool designs incorporate the use of ceramic, concrete, glass, or travertine tiles. The type of material used depends on several factors including the shape of the pool, its depth, and the appearance of the surrounding landscape. Safety is a primary concern when choosing which materials are used for the interior surface of the pool, the bondbeam or coping, and the outside deck area.

Elegant Marble Tiles For A Luxury Condo Apartment

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Marble is one of the most commonly used materials for surfacing floors in a luxury condominium unit. A natural stone floor is not only elegant in its appearance; it is also a wonderful investment in the property itself. A beautiful marble tile floor is not as expensive as most people believe.

Options For Natural Stone Kitchen And Bathroom Flooring

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The affordability of natural stone tile has prompted many construction companies and interior remodeling contractors to utilize this material in both the kitchen and bath areas. Natural stone tiles create a unique and elegant indoor atmosphere that is breathtaking to behold. Marble, granite, travertine, and engineered stone are all used for home interiors, and the … Continued