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Crema Marfil Marble Wholesaler In FloridaWhen you’re building or designing a home, vacation retreat or office building, you need to consider the tone that your project will set. Everything you bring into a space will have an impact on how it looks and feels. This includes your tile floors, wall colors, and even your drapes. Rather than just pulling together some coordinating finishes, consider how they add energy to a space or make it feel more luxurious.

You can create a professional, yet elegant living or work space that’s relaxing, or you can give your build a more modern feel that makes it stand out and adds visual appeal to the structure. If you have your heart set on using the brilliant white shades of Crema Marfil tile, then here are a few tips to help you tie the design of your building project together to achieve the neutral balance clients may be looking for.
Softening the White Tones
Crema Marfil appears to be white, until you actually put it next to brilliant white paint or cabinets. With this pure backdrop, the shades of tan and cream will stand out in the marble. This makes it the perfect companion for any pure white cabinets or walls.

If you want to incorporate a monochromatic finish to your build without feeling too modern or stuffy, then Crema Marfil marble is the ideal choice. You can use it in the floors, on the walls, and even in your countertops to soften a space and give it a more traditional, relaxed feel. While you may think that brass hardware is the top choice for this finish, consider using stainless steel or brushed nickel to help balance out the warmer tones in the marble and give the space a sharp look.

A Classic Style
You don’t have to go with a finish that will stand out in stark contrast to other similar homes. Some building projects demand a traditional decor. If your client loves the look of natural oak, then don’t be afraid to top it with Crema Marfil marble to bring out the wood tones to maintain that classic styling. One of the great appeals with this design option is that it will be just as stylish 20 years from now as it is today.
Treat Every Space for True Luxury
When designing a build, it is important to keep in mind that the energy in a space flows from one room to another. If one area feels dull or lifeless, then that energy will travel with you to other areas in the structure.

When you carry your Crema Marfil flooring into other areas of a build, you’ll make the entire space truly feel like a one unit dwelling.
Perfect for the Sophisticated Living Space
It is common to think of marble for kitchen and bathroom floors, but it’s also the perfect choice for any living space.

Throughout the Caribbean and southern regions of the United States, builders and contractors install marble because it helps keep the house cool and it’s easy to clean. In cooler climates, people tend to avoid marble for this same reason, but the fact is that marble is not nearly as cold underfoot as one might assume.

As radiant floor heating grows in popularity, builders can also have marble installed over a heating system. The marble has natural thermal conducting properties that will bring the heat to the surface and into your living room. The stones will also hold the heat longer without any expansion or contraction to the materials. If you’re going for sophistication, you cannot beat a marble floor that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter!
Turn a Fireplace Into a Showpiece
For contractors who incorporate fireplaces into their build, consider surrounding it  with elegant marble. Crema Marfil will look amazing with almost any type of mantel, and it’s easy to clean. Builders will find that the marble is a high-class backdrop for all types of other fabrics, flowers, and textures.
The Casual Finish
Marble is such an automatic choice for upscale homes that it’s easy to forget how casual this finish can be. The solid tones in Crema Marfil lend themselves to more rustic decors and casual styles. A country farmhouse finished off with a light gray wall, bright white trim, and Crema Marfil floors will have an impressive, yet casual feel to it. If you’re going for a more relaxed finish, you may find that larger tiles work better than mosaics, and you may want to keep this space simple by eliminating any borders or more intricate designs.
Going for the Modern Touch
If you love the modern look, then Crema Marfil should be at the top of your materials list. Soft white walls matched with Crema Marfil white floors look incredible with a few black accents and windows that are free from any heavy treatments. This type of simplistic finish puts the emphasis on your architectural accents, so use it when you have elegant trim, arched windows and other great features that you want to highlight. The marble will effectively fade into the background while still creating a modern and upscale look for your build.

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